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This user joined EventHubs on September 3, 2011.
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ChrisG: I don't care about EVO, before I really wanted to win but now I don't even want to be there
IMO All great sports have started with people earning two cents and having to work a 9-5. Yeh I'm sure there was good times. But most athletes were physically crippled because the sports they made famous were not willing to protect nor provide for them. It's not like your literally being KO'd by a more experienced fighter. The most Christ G will get is arthritis, RSI and a serious case of hunchback. Wat he will ...

Review of the QanBa Q4RAF dual mod joystick by EventHubs
can you use the 3x punch & kick buttons in torneys

Sept. 22 top 20 BP ranked Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition players in Japan
has mamoichi ever been on this list

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