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sham ballz
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3




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Dr. Doom


Team B
Persona 4: Arena
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Boon still wants to do Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter game, apparently trying to get Capcom's attention
i would not consider MK vs SF because they each have very different backgrounds. I think thats part of what happened with DC vs MK. I wouldn't like to se a SF character go near that much gore. The same way I wouldn't take the gore away from a MK character (then they would just be bad character designs). Anyway thats just what I think. Props for inciting crossovers. Love the DC vs MARVEL idea.

Miniboss' full team raw tag combo, taunting Justin Wong never pays off, fLoE pulls off the upset of a lifetime and more - UMvC3 Halls of Hype

General Zod, patch v1.05, Classic Ares costume and more now available on Xbox 360, history of Zod and Maximilian day 1 combos
I can't download general zod... anyone with the same problem? xbox

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