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Project M 3.6 adds new stages, music, alternate costumes, and is coming soon!
Yeah its a shame that the smash community is so stupidly purists. Because this is not nintendo official, they dont play it.

Breakable 'Senran Kagura' Dead or Alive 5 Last Round costumes now available in Japan; check out all 16 outfits here
After playing all these years on consoles, sony and M$ pay the loyalty of its customers making devs doing sh!t for the new boxes exclusively, treating old gen owners like a second class citizens. LOL, but they arent even mad. Fanboyz are the worst.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PC gets netcode update via Steam Beta client
Yeah, now everybody who is watching this post, knows you have a "glorious PS4", are you happy? Anyways if people say that the netcode is gud, then I would buy the game on Steam soon as a I can.

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