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Most people that are complaining about Street Fighter 5 right now simply don't understand it; Alex Valle joins Best of 3
TLTR: You are a bunch of idiots. Alex Valle. We live in a age where if you dont like something, its because you can't understand it. And that's why I getting away from SF V, because most "pro players" and "experts " are doing their best to shoving their opinions down your throat.

'The community should fight for Street Fighter 4' - Justin Wong talks EVO with ESPN
Play what you want and fck EVO, WIZARD, ESPN and those elitists who are tying to tell you what you have to play. Justin Wong is totally right.

Mr. Wizard explains why Ultra Street Fighter 4 isn't in the EVO 2016 lineup
The argument about melee not being the same game with Smash 4 is pretty subjetive. I just see many BS from smash players, trying to justify why there are two smash and not two SF games when is the same situation, but because melee will be there and they arent affected, they dont care. Smash community is reaching a new level, the same level FG community has 4 years ago when nobody thought Smash was ...

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