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Street Fighter 5 beta officially postponed; Combofiend addresses the community with apology and plans for future beta tests
Tought PS4 players were be going "months ahead" from PC players!!! Let me laugh again at those who tought they will have a better "skill" because PS4 beta will be there for months until PC version arrives... SURPRISE!!!

'The new netcode won't save a horrible connection... but it's definitely better than Street Fighter 4's' - What we think of the SF5 beta thus far
And again eventhubs with the "its better than" same title you used for MK X. When you will use the "its the best" for refering to any capcom, SNK or Netherrealm game? It seems it will be never.

Street Fighter 5 beta codes are already becoming available, download the game now
Pretty sure 95% of the games that comes to all platforms comes to PC at the same day, but you console drone will be using this example in 20 years. Good luck...

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