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LevelUp announces Wednesday Night Fights Online Edition official start date in February!
Me? It seems you get your ass whooped. LOL.

'Dead or Alive is now a total mess. It's disgusting.' says original series creator Tomonobu Itagaki in extensive interview from Orochinagi
I had no interest on this game, but if the "mighty" creator of the franchise hints that the DOA5 is not about pushing buttons randomly and actually the player needs some practice and skill, well, that really sounds interesting for me. As he said if in the first DOAs any noob can come and press buttons like an idiot and actually win, well thats just lame. Thank God DOA5 is a mess, I cant imagine ...

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round release date delayed on Steam
I congratulate the users of Event Hubs, you are much more mature than SRK frontend users. You really made opinions that actually add something to the topic. In SRK just a lot of resentful people that only comments, "no nude mods for now", kinda retarded. Keep going that way, you are a better community than SRK frontend kids. SRK forums are okay, because there are moderators. Thank you people.

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