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King of Fighters 12 & 13 producer Masaaki Kukino is back at SNK Playmore after leaving in 2010; is the next KOF game currently in development?
Its getting annoying to hear that theres many people who doesnt have a PC that can run KOF XIII, LOL, REALLY? KOF is a joke in terms of graphics, it can be runned by a single CORE PENTIUM 4 with 3.0GHZ, 1 gigabyte of ram and a 8400GS nvidia card, a card that have 8 years on the market. SO stop crying about the netcode and get the game for PC on any flash sale ...

PC mods: Third Strike's Oro, bikini Ibuki, mafia Balrog, casual Cammy, and more - SFxT/SSF4 AE v2012
LOL at bison(dictador) sitting on the car!!!

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono likely working on new fighting game title
"NEW" a misleading word when used in any Capcom news.

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