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E. Honda secretly strong, Guile overestimated in Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade: 'Premium Guy Edition' - Wao's impressions of the other world warriors
I believe what he means by Hugo Kara jump. Is doing certain attacks in the air with Hugo brings him to the ground faster. I was watching a video with Hugo and when ever Hugo used Mp, he traveled a normal distance while in the air. But when he used Hk in the air, he hardly travel anywhere. I guess it could be compare to Honda neutral jump Hp.

KSK (Hugo), Nekojita (Elena), Naruo (Fei Long, Hugo) playing Ultra Street Fighter 4 -- over 3 hours of footage
after watching more and more Hugo matches, I see he isn't as bad as people say. Actually, when he has a super, be becomes pretty scary. Capcom just need to fix it a little, some fire balls still hit him. I can't wait til June

UmeHugo? Daigo tries his luck with Hugo against Bonchan in Ultra Street Fighter 4
what did I hear about Diago having over 60 win streak with Hugo before? ... Yea now I'm sure that didnt happen

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