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Cammy can still put a quick hurt on her opponent in Street Fighter 5, but her offense requires more thought now - EventHubs E3 impressions
Gonna hate myself for saying this, but Cammy Spiral arrow should require low block. It jus makes sense to. Looking at the gameplay side, they should scale back the damage for everyone. With chip damage off normals already, matches don't last over 25 sec. Can't get hype for short matches. Besides, isn't that the whole point for the stun system? When you stun your opponent, they are already below half health.

Power Rangers-esque heroism prevails in new Dead or Alive 5: Last Round 'Fighter Force' costume pack
I wished all the characters got costumes. My mains Bass and Bayman will jus have to enjoy the ninja pack I guess

Seth Killian: I think there are a lot of fighting game mechanics that are physically harder than they need to be
I understand what he means. Sometimes there is unnecessary inputs. Like Raidou's (from DOA) command grab is 23646 T, 21423689 T, then two circles... Also for Tekken, the sidestep and backlash canceling makes the game looks odd. I understand it's used to whiff moves, but it's unnecessary. But then again, I don't want the game dumb down, like having 2 buttons performing a Ultra move. I'm talking about you Injustice.

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