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Seth Killian: I think there are a lot of fighting game mechanics that are physically harder than they need to be
I understand what he means. Sometimes there is unnecessary inputs. Like Raidou's (from DOA) command grab is 23646 T, 21423689 T, then two circles... Also for Tekken, the sidestep and backlash canceling makes the game looks odd. I understand it's used to whiff moves, but it's unnecessary. But then again, I don't want the game dumb down, like having 2 buttons performing a Ultra move. I'm talking about you Injustice.

Glad to know my game isn't the only one being greedy. Still gonna get the game, but if this true, this may turn into a normal thing by game developers

Sarah Bryant, Pai Chan cover up their faces but bare their midriffs in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round's Ninja Clan Pack 3 DLC
Yea I don't remember EventHubs doing a article for the 1st Ninja pack which had no revealing costumes of the ladies...but bass rig, Bayman, and Mila costumes are the only ones I like

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