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Famitsu reveals that Mai Natsume will be joining the cast of BlazBlue: Centralfiction
There is a blazblue Manga?

Who do EventHubs readers think has the most comeback potential in Street Fighter 5?
Out of all the polls this was the hardest. Laura can v-trigger easy into 50/50 mixups. Bison can be scary once into v-tigger. Barlog can do trunk load of damage and corner carry into v-trigger. Ibuki 2 welled timed bombs can win the round Mika can kill you with 2 wrong guesses

Smug's relentless Balrog pressure, Fuudo styles on his opponent, and more: Street Fighter 5 replays also ft. Daigo, Sako, Itazan
No other character changed from their story mode drawings. It's not a big deal, but this is a case of censorship. On topic. I felt smug's Karin was way more deadly. But I guess Barlog is the closest thing to Dudley as Smug is gonna get

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