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The 2015 Dead or Alive 5 fan-made Halloween costumes are sexy, scary and available now
Not gonna lie, it is cool how Team Ninja uses the fan's designs to make costumes. Cause lord knows we design the better ones. Kappa Bayman!

Laura officially announced in Street Fighter 5
Jus can't please people anymore. Once you look past how over sexualized she is, I saw a cool reflection attack (like Urien) nice change grabs (like Abel) and even a command grab for mix ups. With a simplistic design, i like her

Street Fighter 5 closed beta test 2 will feature Necalli, Rashid, Karin, Mika, Vega and Ken - Halloween costumes for Ultra Street Fighter 4 also shown
Not a fan of these costumes... Also the question up top, if we preorder now, will we still get to play the beta?

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