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Hisako official release trailer now online, includes awesome Cinder teaser
With Killer Instinct having a low roster, it makes their character design soooo much better. Haven't seen so many awesome characters in one game in a long time

Breakable 'Senran Kagura' Dead or Alive 5 Last Round costumes now available in Japan; check out all 16 outfits here
@31 GTFO with that lame statement already, sex sales. TN is just grinding it out in sales now. Your on EventHub bro, a website that only show off news like this. This entire website is just one big troll to DOA players. Notice EventHubs didn't show any news of DOA final Round results?

One of the most painful to watch in Mortal Kombat history, you might not be able to stomach Ermac's second fatality...
Dang that was gross... So I watched it 5 more times lol. I got no problem with MK gruesome fatalities. It's their gimmick, every fighting game has their own gimmick

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