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Rolento, Hugo, Abel, Oni, tons of Ibuki, and more: Hours of Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage
I speak for myself when I say this. But I'm not complaining. In fact I use to play ibuki. But when u have to watch over an hour of footage of a really good repeat the same vortex for 30 matches... It dawns on you how often would that guy would have lost if he couldn't use his vortex. I understand it's not easy to time vortex up. But characters like El Furte, Akuma, Cammy, ...

Free-to-play game Soul Calibur: Lost Swords available now for PS3 users
man, Can't developers just come together and stop making games for one console. I would love to play as Taki again, but I'm a proud Xbox 360 owner... Sigh, oh well, looks like I have to be a proud PS4 owner as well.

Decapre no longer has a grounded Spiral Arrow, has a 3 frame combo Ultra, and is only 85% complete: Everything we know about USF4's 5th character
Forgot about the new trial modes, I am happy about that. And i didn't know we had online training mode. That's kinda cool. Is there a release date for this game or update yet?

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