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The brand new Dead or Alive 5: Last Round season pass will only cost you a measly 93 dollars...
For the people that don't understand why would anybody buy this. It's because the more support a game gets the more content that is released. Putting support into your game is a good way to see content for that series of game. Pretty simple... Even though this is over-priced...

Luffy thinks R. Mika is bottom tier, but other top French players disagree; see France's Street Fighter 5 tier lists here
Weakest characters in the game is Fang, Rashid, Alex, Zangeif, and Laura. R.Mika is the closest thing to a vortex character if I every seen one. And get trapped in it, can be a quick death. Bad neutral game but can kill an opponent in 2 combos. She is mid tier

'As soon as Guile is released, I'll be on my way to the US' - ISDD talks Guile in SF5, Killer Instinct thoughts and more in exclusive interview
Ummm yea I haven't raged quit once. Sounds like you've raged quited smh. I played against a "StillyourDaddy" (something like that) wonder if it was him...

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