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ESRB speaks out on the process of giving Street Fighter 5 a Teen rating
Except for the Triple D part, there are actually female wrestlers who crush their opponent with their butt. So no #kappa At the end, this is a lame excuse to have to change such small details. But this issue is too small to make a big fuss about

Great zoning, pestering poison and beautiful design; we broke down Combofiend's SF5 F.A.N.G gameplay... it's going to be an annoying two minutes
Agreed, everybody is talking about how much they like this character... Really all I see is just another character that people are gonna use to counter pick Gief. When I played USF4; every time I start winning with Gief. Players would automatically switch to characters like Guile & Sagat. Honestly USF4 now is players just counter picking. Now seeing this Fang match up with Gief, looks like a 8-2. They need to switch his poison ...

Chun-Li has had a semi-hidden 'jiggle glitch' during nearly all of Street Fighter 5
Wow, never knew how "intensely" people be checking for these glitches. BTW, Street Fighter 4 had this "Glitch" Ibuki and even Decapre had boob Physics.

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