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'He stole his soul, he just reached out and grabbed it' - James Chen on Alex Valle's amazing victory over Bonchan at EVO 2015
Ok thanks for going over his slight advantages, lets take of his disadvantages. Slowest walk speed in the game, Latest hitbox in the game, making it easier to be hit by standing roundhouse. Also roundhouse hits twice destroys jump ins. Alex may make this match up look even, but its at least a 4-6 match up for Hugo

Ono will be making an appearance at Hong Kong Anicon & Games with Street Fighter 5 in tow, teases potential new details
If they give me Juri with the release of this game, I will not care who else they add... And Alex... That all...

Necalli's V-Trigger has no time limit once activated, new information and screenshots of Street Fighter 5's latest character
Necalli looks like he will be a sub-boss

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