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ChrisG hits the Guile Sonic Boom loop combo in an actual match; Fit3amir also scores 37-hit Guile combo in battle
Straight up im seeing people who are hating on guile now because they can't pull off the sonic boom loops. Lol he won't get nerfed. Remember evil ryu? The ay ay ay ay ay ay? what about yun genei jin loops lol stop it folks

Does Ryu's parry turn him into a ghost? Opposing Ryu's super passes right through after a parry
Ryu is probably invincible during the startup of the parry animation and the regular fireball triggers the parry and the super cancels right after the fireball, plus the super travels fast enough for it to pass thru during this window. Lol idk

A devastating use for V-Skill, combo into throw, and more: Desk is back at it again with this Street Fighter 5 Karin CMV
People must forget that in this game when you get a perfect it says it as soon as you get KO'd instead of saying perfect in gold letters during the win pose. Desk has been doing this for years smh. Go back and watch his SFIV videos and see how many ultra and super KO flashes you see.

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