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Sabre's Laura is dominating the Street Fighter 5 beta; watch as he takes out Juicebox, TampaBison, the number one ranked player and more
Mfs still mad that you can't do jab jab jab medium into special lol. Then to try and make final judgment on a beta test is just asinine. Watch when the game comes out we will see some fully charged fireball combos from desk lol. Close fierce crush counter into medium fireball hits just late enough to add another fierce punch into v trigger into fierce then medium fireball again into super lol. She's pretty ...

Is the identity of Street Fighter 5's final boss hidden in the recent costume leaks? Maximilian thinks it might be
Akuma is in the game already folks you gotta unlock him via arcade mode as per usual I'm calling it

Updated: Street Fighter 5 beta is live again for second night in a row
If you don't live on the west coast you can hang it up for these stress tests. Nobody is up like that at the hours they come up. Now I gotta sit they my whole off day wondering what was. Lol so devastated.

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