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New Mortal Kombat X stages, Kitana's 3 variations shown off in latest MKX Konnections trailer
I was hoping jade would be back but i guess this is fine lol

Tekken 7 may allow two players to fight on the same side of the screen using interesting camera feature
i feel like this is a step in the wrong direction......

Combofiend: 'I think Hugo is going to be a threat', discusses balance adjustments for Dee Jay, Zangief in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and a lot more
Lol So Makoto's nerfs were justified? Lol she is back to her Super Iteration now. That ex DP sets up resets, but if you get knocked down it's game over since she cant escape pressure, Can't apply pressure, her Ultra 2 is absolutely useless now. I dropped her lol i cant do it anymore, character loyalty is one thing but trying to win is another lol

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