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Jacqui Briggs has 'gender-specific' combos in Mortal Kombat X - certain combos whiff only on female characters
Has anyone tried stance changing? That switches up the hitboxes a lil bit as well as the hurtboxes if im not mistaken

'Mortal Kombat X is going to be the flagship game when it comes to fighting games and competition' Clutch, Ryan Hart and more get ready for Fatal 8
all i know is that for the majority of the US MK will be the flagship fighting game. There is no denying that. SF isn't popular outside of the FGC like that, MK is lol it will outsell SF4 entirely in less than 6 months lol

Momochi experienced 'slow-motion' twice during his USF4 matches at SXSW, asked Alex Valle if something was wrong with the monitor
I bet if it was a dbz reference people would be in love lol #datnarutohate

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