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Nadia Oxford at USGamer writes on why Street Fighter 5's R. Mika might be 'a force for women in games'
Y'all don't understand that in Japan they're perverted af. Point blank period. Ultra Sfiv arcade screen? look at how rolento stares at Elena's but while smiling. Or sakura's overhead gives you a panty shot. Win the round with a dp from Elena, it's panty shots all day. Hell even makoto's breasts pop out letting you know she slick has a rack when she gets stunned in 3rd strike lol need I go on With the ...

'There are a lot of knee jerk reactions to high damage output...' - The Daily Dot interviews Alex Valle about Street Fighter 5
casuals are still not about to be hitting links because they're casual lol. You say link to a casual player they'll be confused. At the end of the day the top players will remain top players because of overall experience and understanding of the game. Im glad the damage went up lol Time outs will be a thing of the past lol

Updated: Street Fighter 5 beta now live on PS4, Combofiend explains what to expect for the first phase
lol at all the people acting like they're above the people complaining. Stop it getting your comment to turn green on ehubs is not something to be proud of lol. People act like they're isn't complaints on other games when a beta isn't working lol. stop it. They don't have it together Lol they should have gave us some off line play. At least a practice mode. it's not like this was gta v online ...

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