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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3




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Dr. Doom

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Japanese players being given unfair advantage in Ultra Street Fighter 4 readers say
Top american player that can compete to EVO are sponsored.. so ask the sponsor to pay a trip to japan... and that's it...

Nemo shows off his Spiderman team in UMvC3 over on the FinalRoundbats stream
Thanks what's Marvel is all about, this guy is creative. He doesn't stick with the same Vergil/Doom bullsh.t... He brough Dr Strange to the light, and know will be spidey.. Truth is, he can kill almost anyone with his pairs Spencer/Strange... the third one is a bonus ! :)

EVO 2013 viewership peaked at 144,848 during Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tourney - stream had almost 50% more people than last year
Personaly, I like the pairs Yipes e glasses guy ( don't remember his name), they did a great job commenting, bringing hypes, etc... So Yipes has a tendency to repeat jokes too often, for the rest, it's perfect for me... Questionning Yipes knowledges, ... please...

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