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Yoshinori Ono says he's 'finally got his wish' in regards to the upcoming Street Fighter 5 announcement at PAX Prime this weekend
I hope they bring back R Mika as a big fat Rufus-ass looking slob at 300+ pounds. That way she can bring everyone together, inclusively, to be pissed off equally.

The 13th Cooperation Cup (2015) Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike 5-on-5 tournament stream ft. Nuki, MOV, Kyabetsu, Kokujin and more
Only saw the last 2 hours of the even but what I saw was freaking incredible.

Capcom provides another update on the PC netcode for Ultra Street Fighter 4, offers tweaks that might improve lag
Game is still crap on Steam. I still do all my lab work on PC though.

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