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Street Fighter 5 penalizes player when server disconnects before match; takes 1,000 LP and serves with 24 hour ban
Not exactly "proof". Dude has crap internet like most of Latin / South American. He couldn't connect or be connected from the server multiple times and he gets flagged. Honestly, kind of works how expected. If I was his opponent, and he's going to have a dropping internet connection, I personally would rather not want to play him. Sorry for his luck though.

Three supers juggle R. Mika, crazy Tatsu loops cause a quick KO, and more: This Ken combo retrospective takes us from Street Fighter 1 to Alpha
This was freaking siiiiiiiiiiick.

Someone made videos of Street Fighter 5 characters performing dance numbers; Laura shakes it to Britney Spears, Ken and Ryu explore their bromance
We're one step closer to SFV Rule 34.

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