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Three supers juggle R. Mika, crazy Tatsu loops cause a quick KO, and more: This Ken combo retrospective takes us from Street Fighter 1 to Alpha
This was freaking siiiiiiiiiiick.

Someone made videos of Street Fighter 5 characters performing dance numbers; Laura shakes it to Britney Spears, Ken and Ryu explore their bromance
We're one step closer to SFV Rule 34.

'I don't think people truly understand how ridiculous Yun is at the highest level' - K-Brad discusses Capcom Cup Grand Finals, SF5 and more
Yun is ridiculous at the HIGHEST of levels. It's kind of like the one-shot sniper rifle in your favorite FPS game. If you have the skill, that weapon appears over powered. A lot of people get on board with weapon because it looks easy to kill but more people end up shooting themselves in the foot with misplaced dive-kick pressure.

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