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PR Balrog: U.S. scene doesn't help each other enough, in Japan players will teach even if it means they'll get beat
Top player wants people in the US to share more tech. Won't play unknown player in casuals unless it's a FT5 for $100. #scumbagFGCplayer (note: not specifically directed at pr_rog)

MLG feels fighting game community rejected them because they're too big and commercial
The biggest problem w/ the FGC is that we're now big enough to be talked about, but we're small and tight-knit enough to being trolled by the media. Second, MLG needs to own up to the fact that for whatever reason, they couldn't strike a deal with Capcom to feature their games at MLG tournaments. Either MLG was low-balling Capcom or Capcom is being protective w/ payment demands because Capcom sees an opportunity to run ...

How has PR Balrog performed with different characters in SSF4 AE v2012? Check out this spreadsheet
Metaf4 got called out and dick-tucked like Poison.

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