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Supers were considered 'cheap' and 'dumb' by many initially during the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo era, how perceptions changed over time
Here's a source for what people thought back in the day about ST and how supers were ruining the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECMI3pv6AoE This guy was one of the top US players at the time along w/ Tomo and Mike Watson.

Best of III has been cancelled; take a look back at the cast's favorite awkward, hilarious and heartwarming moments over the show's lifespan
Sorry your show was cancelled. I really hope AKOffSuit finds another gig. That guy really did fit in well with that "special guest analyst" type of role. I never really felt that connected with the two main hosts. I dunno why. They just weren't interesting to watch. Maybe I would enjoy them better in a straight audio type of podcast. I pretty much wish I could listen to Velociraptor on the show, but his tin-can ...

Chun-Li in a tier all her own, R. Mika top 3, Karin and Cammy in top 6 - analyzing Daigo's Street Fighter 5 tier list
I think you're on to something about having to look beyond the normal SF4 conventions for measuring strength of a character. I'm 100% in agreement with measuring strength based off of crush counter buttons and ability to build v-meter.

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