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Should the FGC fight against 'going eSports?' Mike Ross and Gootecks give their two cents on this hot topic
As long as there are "open" tournaments like Evo, then I don't mind "e-sports". The problem is if everything becomes invitational only and requires huge dollar backings to have a person or team represented in a tournament. I don't know anything about LoL, but from my understanding you can't just form a team of people and compete at the highest level without some inside connections into the biggest tournaments.

NuckleDu's cockiness levels are over 9,000 as he terrorizes SoCal with his tear of tyrannical tournament taunting
Y Du Hast?

Snake Eyez makes disgusting reads, Momochi drops the easiest combo in the game, Bonchan takes it all and more; SCR day three highlights
HOLY TOTINOS, That was a sick read by Snakeyes

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