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Daigo unsure if Street Fighter 5 will still be played next year; says he's not ready for EVO, focusing more on Capcom Cup
"We now know, between this board and Reddit, game FAQs, and all other boards, 95% of people despise this game!" More like 20%, but it was the same about the other games. There's a certain percentage of autistics who go online, lose a lot of matches, then come to message boards and take out their anger by posting about how the game sucks. You all did it for SFIV as well, so don't pretend that ...

Ibuki's battle costume revealed; June update brings all premium costumes and new stages, drops next week
LOLaddin Oh MAN, that Laura costume :D Ibuki costume hair is not working for me, but maybe it will look better in motion.

Super Smash Bros. 4 beats Street Fighter 5 for top spot by nearly 100 entrants; CEO 2016's final registration numbers
>majority of FGC comments >majority of FGC comments >majority of FGC comments HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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