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A new Ultra Street Fighter costume pack may be on the horizon! Check out these interesting leads...
Did you "personally" think that the 3D artists would have been doing "gameplay related developing" if not for costumes? If so, understand: that's not how game development works.

'Street Fighter 4 was about reviving a passion. Street Fighter 5 is about growing that passion' - Ono on the transition from old into new
"Third Strike came out and reinvented the series, seeing its own influx of diehard fans and leaving its own, unique stamp on the the Street Fighter timeline. Then SF 4 arrived a whopping 12 years later and again we received that traditional Street Fighter excitement in a whole new experience." New Generation came out and reinvented the series. It also tanked. 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike were attempts to save it; they didn't succeed. SFIV ...

Tsuko G's kazoo rendition of Ken's Theme (which you didn't ask for) is epic and actually pretty good
Does this actually take any skill, playing kazoo this way? Or could anyone do this?

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