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'People have not been playing Ken correctly' - New video from ScDrPain shows what range SF5 Ken players should be at to optimize their gameplan
The only "wrong" way to play a character is one that completely fails to take advantage of some of that character's strengths. That's *a* way to play a character, but it could always be more effective, so one can't argue when someone highlights a weakness in it as "wrong." It might be worth noting, though, that "wrong" is a pretty negative terminology and there are more encouraging and positive ways to help people be better ...

New Street Fighter 5 trailer teases Alex and showcases every launch character
Yes, and he's correct; this game is set before SFIII. Enjoy the anticipation of Y2K, I guess. Excellent trailer with skilled editing.

Check out Street Fighter 5's main theme: 'Survivor' by Man With a Mission
It is a theme song from a cartoon video game, performed by a band wearing wolf masks, and all this from Japan. Of COURSE it is aimed at 12-year-olds, and younger teens at most. Let's have some perspective here.

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