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Buff Zangief, nerf Chun-Li: Here's which Street Fighter 5 characters our readers feel need the most re-balancing
First, I thought EventHubs as a whole had a lot more visitors/voters than this suggests. Second, I would have hoped/expected M. Bison and Guile to have drawn more votes.

Learn more about Chun-Li's personal adventures from her pachislot game in these CFN profiles of kidnapped youth Mary and Chun-Li's biker friend Reiko
"How about Shadaloo? This is a great place to work, I promise." Is M. Bison out of earshot yet? lol

Anti-air jabs are out, big damage is in; here's how EventHubs readers would change Street Fighter 5
This is a well-reasoned comparison. We must acknowledge, however, that with the long lifespan of the SFIV series, it had built its own fanbase independent of its original goal of bringing back fans from SFII series, etc., and that some of those players would of course have a difficult time adjusting to such changes. Apparently the overall design aim was to address these SFIV criticisms while trying to keep the game as newcomer-friendly as possible. ...

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