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Mike Ross shares who he feels are the best/worst characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4
Dan's back plus Roundhouse alone helped him a lot. He's just not that bad!

Update: Harada says Tekken 7 budget is not lower than past years; team is creating a character to 'battle against Devil'
"Why this would get a way smaller budget than a PS2 game when it's one of NamDai's biggest franchises is completely beyond me." Of course it isn't. The answer is very simple: the last couple of games in the series have not met financial expectations. When his bosses used the performance of those games to estimate how much profit Tekken 7 was likely to make, they came up with a certain number, and his budget ...

Rose's USF4 tier match ups broken down by EVO 2014 winner Luffy
Where's that banner image of Rose come from?

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