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Street Fighter 5 reaches over 4,000 entrants at EVO 2016; numbers continue to rise up
Entrants are record high. Stream views have been very high, too. Interest is there. If there's any game that could move a lot of copies later after its release, with all the DLC characters down the line and so on, SFV could be it.

These are the three most underrated characters in Street Fighter 5, according to our readers
I love Laura, but she's a disaster area who can be stopped easily by some members of the cast using only a few of their normals. F.A.N.G. has more options and Zangief is more effective in the air and when he gets in to do what he does. Mika has a very limited game plan that looks virtually the same across all Mika players, although at least it is effective in the corner. Laura is ...

Combofiend and Mike Ross showcase Guile in Street Fighter 5 on tonight's episode of Capcom Pro Talk; live stream begins at 7 p.m. PST
Did someone tell you they shoot that show live?

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