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'We want to tie [frame buffering] to just combos' - Combofiend mentions the possibility of in-game frame data, and more in Street Fighter 5
Almost no one does. Tournament players are a tiny, tiny fraction of the game's audience. Obviously such changes are not targeted at them.

WWE superstar Austin Creed claims his first Street Fighter 5 victory in episode two of 'The Beta Adventures'
I find Gootecks referring to Ultra Street Fighter IV as a "dead-ass game" to be really hypocritical. He makes a living off people paying for training of that game and videos of that game, and SFV doesn't even come out until Spring 2016. If he expects anyone to maintain their interest in Street Fighter as a whole using SFIV or, more specifically, to pay him for anything related to it, he should not say this ...

Blanka's bugged out eyes, Sagat's fat lip, it's all here - Street Fighter 2 'Continue' statues revealed at Wonder Festival
I will buy the defeated Honda statue asking "CONTINUE?" and put it on my desk, symbolizing the struggle I will have continuing to play Street Fighter in the SFV era if my favorite character E. Honda is not included.

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