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'In short, you're not in control of your game at 100%' Xian shares his concerns on the state of Street Fighter 5 in his Reddit AMA
He has some wise observations here. Figuring out a way for people to "enjoy the way they lose" is an interesting way to put it and a key goal for the creators. One should always be left with the idea of a path to improvement and tools within the game to implement it. Capcom is working hard to improve the game. A lot has changed in a short time. And small changes can make big ...

EGX results ft. GamerBee, Phenom, Daigo, Luffy
Pretty good character variety in these results.

Street Fighter EX characters being reintroduced to series canon? Darun Mister, whose moustache gets longer the more he wins, detailed on CFN
Great to see these included in the lore. Remember, guys, Arika's founder is a co-creator of SFII; the links are tight, so stuff like this isn't impossible.

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