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Capcom Pro Tour Asia Korea qualifier results feat. Xian, Poongko, Laugh and more
^ "Pro" is short for "professional," meaning—in the technical sense—someone earns the lion's share of his income from the activity and therefore is considered to play as a profession. That is not up for individual redefinition. Colloquial uses of "pro" do happen, but if you're simply using your own definition of "wow, I like this person," then there's no point for you to argue. Poongko could be able to beat lots of people and not ...

Sanford Kelly ranks USF4's Shotos from best to worst; may drop Oni for Evil Ryu - find out which Shoto is most popular here on EventHubs
Oni may be more versatile and more surprising, even to experienced players. I'm not at all sure it's as simple as switching and seeing better results—not in high-level play. I'm surprised at Oni's low popularity in the above rankings; I guess he was a fad that passed quickly. As for Dan's results, if you want to call him a "shoto," I just want to say to the people that Dan isn't that bad and you ...

Hugo hits 8 standing medium punches in one combo, four claps juggle Dhalsim into U2: USF4's giant grappler looks really stylish in this CMV
sergio_reyes in eventhubs comment post is exellent amazing agars serhio is easy training sergio_reyes is exellent comment in eventhubs practice much people agars l like this commenter .

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