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Updated: Omega Mode is meant to be fun, not balanced; update v1.04 inbound, fixes unintentional nerfs and PC online issues
@TheFeistyOne: "I only had SF4 for PS3 and community is garbage there. Switched to PC with AE2012 and netcode as well as competition was just miles ahead. .. with just a little bit of love, SF on PC could easily outshine consoles in terms of netcode" ^ The netcode is effectively identical, something you can easily verify for yourself with even a cursory examination of the files in each game. As for the PS3 community ...

E. Honda's sumo stance perfectly encapsulated in Pop Culture Shock's latest Street Fighter statue
I wish there were a cheerful Honda face version. If there were, I'd buy that. Honda is a good sportsman and I like that aspect of the character the most.

Updated: Mike Ross vs. Mago, Tokido vs. Jayce the Ace, Daigo vs. Justin Wong at TGS - cast your votes on who will be victorious!
^ "We all know Ultra SF4 is in a bit of trouble" What does this mean?

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