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Mike Watson invested 80k into opening Super Arcade in Azusa; city continues to change requirements, backs bigger arcade across street
Some of you guys need to read more closely instead of making generic comments about how arcades are dead. The city are the ones who denied permission for his previous location, then suggested the current location to him. Then, when he tried to open at the new location THEY suggested, they told him it wasn't earthquake-ready and that HE has to pay to make it that way! Unbelievable and un-American.

Dudley went from riches to rags to riches again - His background detailed in his SF5 profile, alongside his butler Gotch and Ibuki's classmate Sarai
I never thought I'd see the day when tendies stories were rewritten to involve Dudley ...continue

How SF5's input lag limits the footsie game beyond whiffpunishing - Informative video from Cagar shows adverse effects, especially to command grabs
You guys are arguing over an issue where all of your comments can be correct. Capcom probably did choose to have this be in place, and yes, the improved netcode means the *perceived* input lag for players is overall less than in the previous series entry—but they also are capable of adjusting it if the community is responding negatively anyway, or if it is having an effect on game balance in certain circumstances (as the ...

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