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Favorite/what were they thinking?! - read what the EventHubs staff thinks about the Ultra Street Fighter 4 Summer Vacation costumes
"That has got to be a parody of Doctrine Dark from Street Fighter EX. And what better way to avoid a potential lawsuit from Arika (assuming they own the rights to the characters) than to call it "Guile's Summer Vacation costume"?" The founder of Arika also co-created Guile (!), making that rather unlikely. Please don't say stuff about lawsuits even in jest; it will be repeated by idiots ad infinitum.

All of the new Ultra Street Fighter 4 costumes revealed - Summer Vacation DLC outfits for everyone
Very offbeat and interesting. Honda a Samurai in a scary mask! Is Guile Doctrine Dark?! Is T. Hawk a sheriff in shorts or something? Is Zangief wearing a hazmat suit for summer vacation? Juri looks fantastic. I love Dee Jay's sunglasses! Some have a lot of crazy colors, but it will be very interesting to explore the different costume color variations with those, as they'll seem to change so dramatically from color to color. Very ...

Updated with images: 'Summer Vacation' Ultra Street Fighter 4 costume DLC announced, prize code for 'Capcom Fighter' title
I like the title! Capcom Fighter

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