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Daigo unleashes the Satsui no Hadou on Yeb, Pro Fluke, Coach Steve, and more in these Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition matches
Summary of above: Daigo fanboys before EVO: "Daigo will win, proving he's the best!" Daigo fanboys after EVO: "EVO is a joke and no one cares about it!" OK. Also above: people arguing that a Ryu not making it to top 32 means the game is poorly balanced. ... Sometimes you'd swear like 85% of EventHubs posters are just kidding, and that the comment sections are just trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.

Poison can completely avoid low attacks by simply rising from a crouch state in USF4; grants her instant, full punishes
Above: a flood of comments about how buggy the game is—even though those people clearly were never adversely affected by the bug before, or they’d have been the ones to report it. Frauds.

Happy birthday to the Street Fighter poster child: Ryu turns 50 today
The birth year listings were abandoned many editions ago. These are of historical interest only, in terms of how old they envisioned the characters being relative to the release date of the game.

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