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How did KitasenjuDJ advance into the Topanga A League with a character many consider horrible? We discuss
Wow, such great insight man! I find it compelling enough that I tweeted what you said at the end of paragraph 1 in a 2 part tweet on my twitter account. Hope you don't mind! :)

The time I played 'Vanilla Street Fighter 4 2012'
Wow that sounds really cool! Also I love the fact that it has American sticks. I played Super SF2 at an arcade and the sticks fit my hands like a glove! I was doing Ken DP's better than I had never done on console.

Karin tacks on the Rekka pressure, activates V-Trigger, and more in this glorious 60 FPS Street Fighter 5 footage
They also use the same dizzy sound as SF4. Maybe it's just a placeholder? Oh well, I really don't have high hopes for this game. Sure there's some really great stuff like new characters, etc but it's Capcom. No matter how good they make a game, their lazy habits eventually show through. Always.

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