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'SSBM is the perfect fighting game, we deserve the new heights we've reached' - Hungrybox talks Apex, character dedication, SSBM's resurgence and more
Smash has gotten much more attention (deserved I say!) since it was at Evo 2013. I too was kind of annoyed/angry when I started seeing the numerous articles posted on Eventhubs about the Smash games and community. You know what though? I got used to it. I started reading the articles. I realized that life is change and new games and new communities (or old) get more coverage as time goes on. I'm doing my ...

Video: Street Fighter 5 exhibition match between Daigo (Ryu) and GamerBee (Chun) at Sony PlayStation's Taipei Game Show booth
Video was enjoyable. Some of Ryu's normals look awkward but that's ok with me. Still a work in progress!

Fighting game music kazoo covers? The Super Smash Bros. Melee theme like you've never heard it before - Also SSB Wii U main theme and Guile's theme
I don't know that I've heard the melee theme. I do however instantly recognize the Kirby Tree stage music as that is a stage that seems to be used many times over.

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