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Tyrant, Will2Pac, Cuongster and others show off the latest build of Street Fighter 5 in this exhibition tournament at Street Grand Battle 2015
Asia will download this game so fast it ain't even funny. Everyone else will get their butts whooped until they catch up..if they ever catch up. I could be wrong but this is usually how it goes imo.

Kazunoko shows off his juggling skills with Momochi's lifeless body and Nemo can't be stopped; Topanga day 10 highlights
I guess I could pay for this stream, problem is A It's 12 hours opposite my time zone and B It goes on for way too long to hold my interest. The highlights here are enough for me. Just my opinion.

Gen's anti-air super catches Rolento's instant-air knife throw, Kindevu out-footsies Bonchan, and more: CPTA Finals day 2 highlights
I love Poongko as a player and Seth is a solid character but I was really surprised to see him take the tournament and do it in such dominating fashion! Nemo was also ridiculously good as usual. I can't wait to see what's going down in ~21 days at the Grand Mega Ultra Street Fighter Finals of the World! :D

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