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Even when Sean wins, he loses... Watch him get bodied during his post-fight celebration in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Thanks for providing this info for new players that dont know about 3rd strike's lesser known information. Taking this a step further, why stop at 3rd? I bet there are some really crazy glitches in NG and 2I you could show but those games aren't competitive anymore after the game breaking stuff was found hence they sit in the darkness. I'm not criticizing this site because they do have limited time and resources. Still one ...

Ibuki glitch in Third Strike? Apparently you can move during her Super freeze if certain requirements are met
Thanks for showing 3rd strike some love EH! I'm no 3rd strike aficionado so stuff like this is informative for noobs like myself. New tech was just discovered the other day in SF2. A boxer side fake side switch into super. Wait that's old tech from 1995. Got any old videos of that Mike? Personally I wouldn't care if there was. I don't have time to keep up with stuff like this -_-.

'Evil Geniuses and Alliance aren't going anywhere' - Twitch eSport rep clarifies situation after EG's parent company shuts down
This has gotta be a mistake. Who just disappears from twitter, no statement, nothing?

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