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Ultra Street Fighter 4 PlayStation 4 footage a day before its official release
Is it me or do the colors look better on the PS4 version?

Combo Breaker 2015 results, stream archive feat. Justin Wong, NuckleDu, Ricki Ortiz, K-Brad, CD Jr., SonicFox, Air, Arturo & more
Honestly I'd rather watch Injustice than MKX. It feels like MK9 2.0 rehash.

Stunfest 2015 results Daigo, Momochi, Xian, Bonchan, Luffy, Ryan Hart, Infiltration, Kazunoko, GamerBee, Tokido, Fuudo, Mago, Poongko
Deus: On the contrary, anyone who wins Evo even once is monumental. I'm saying that after that huge win of winning Evo once is an extremely tough act to get a repeat win the next year. I would feel the same if it was Daigo or Kazunoko or a well known Japanese player. Evo is the meat grinder and no one is safe.

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