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Killer Instinct 2 may be heading to Xbox One, possible leak by Korean rating website
KI Gold was pretty good IMO but it was just...weird. I say use the arcade port graphics, sound etc but add in the cheats that were in KI Gold you could unlock at each cpu difficulty level. A hybrid of the two is what I would recommend. And HELL YES bring back the KI2 music!...and add some variation to Tusk's Stage Music. Epic as it was it repeated the same chorus or whatever over and ...

The most watched Evolution 2014 grand finals on YouTube is Mortal Kombat 9's side tournament, even more views than USF4 and UMvC3
I was skeptical of this MK9 Grand Finals being hype...boy was I wrong. I do find it funny that people are saying that somehow MK9 is irrelevant when the champion of both Netherealm games is the same guy (Sonic Fox!).

5 Axe Kicks and 900 stun in a single combo; RyuApprentice's latest CMV focuses on Evil Ryu's 'stun gun' in Ultra Street Fighter 4
Slow mo then fast is exactly how I see them done in like a dozen combo videos. I guess it's just my preference. It seems very logical and even pleasurable to watch in that order.

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