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First gameplay footage of Charlie Nash in Street Fighter 5; plans for an online beta program also announced
All those people who complained about how the cell shaded look was horrible...what do you say now? I think it looks freaking amazing. I dont care what graphical style they use, as long as it looks amazing and I am more than pleased! Also, how long as it been since Charlie was in a SF game? Alpha + marvel series I think? 10+ years. This isn't an add. It's a full on sequel. We need ...

Daigo's Ex-Tatsus destroy the likes of Bonchan, Uryo and Micahel Tan; Sako's ridiculous reads destroy Daigo! Crazy highlights from Topanga League 4
Did Sako end up winning that set against Daigo?

Notes on Tekken 7's final boss; Harada says all character models improved in the initial release version
Tekken 7 Final Boss? Well Tekken 6's Final Boss Azrael was...unique. I think I quit playing PS3 T6 after I died to him about 20 times...yeah that was pretty much it. Oh and there were no replays of online matches. Almost anyway. That's my pet peeve with modern fighters these days. No replays? Then I won't play your game much at all. That's after I've bought it thinking replays would be an automatic feature in ...

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