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Capcom discusses Street Fighter 5's roster and selection process, users will only need to own one disc
EXACTLY!!! If anyone remembers, Mike Z said this very thing verbatim on a Shoryuken podcast like 4 years ago. Basically what he said was that how do you (the fans) know what you want until you've seen it? He was referring to Skullgirls characters but it still holds true here.

CEO 2015 preview - Your resource for the big event this weekend, including players, games, schedules, and streams
I agree. Where's Luffy at? I want to see him there. :)

Record breaking competition - Ultra Street Fighter 4 at Evo 2015 passes 2000 attendents
Try clearing out all the cookies in your browser. They store login information and sometimes need to be reset. That might do it or it could be something else.

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