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Daigo, Mago, Tokido, and Bonchan to hold special Ultra Street Fighter 4 stream the night before launch; tune in April 16th
Hmmm...I guess I played Super Street Fighter II at my local arcade for the sole reason that the sticks were dynamite! I can uppercut at will with Ken on the arcade version. At home? I can't afford no darn $150 Mad Catz stick anyway. Just the feel of that arcade stick...priceless. Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure they were using US made sticks or something so take that as you will.

Topanga World League won't be viewable outside of Japan
Companies/places that exist in their own little universe: Apple, Amazon, and now Topanga. :(

Stunning, Stylish and Spectacular — This Dante combo video shows optimized meter building so you can reach that triple S ranking
I didn't even have to watch the entire video to be impressed. The one at 1:30 was proof enough of the worth of this video.

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