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Guile's theme is so good, Capcom decided to make two versions of it for Street Fighter 5
SF4 Guile's theme Killed It! I know many hardcore SF fans despised the SF4 OST 'cause it wasn't 3S OST 2.0 for the lifespan of its game but whatever. I've seen so many people put down that OST that I want to take SF5 and smash it to bits in righteous anger...but I won't because that'd be stupid and pointless. You all got what you wanted after 7 years. I hope all the SF4 salt ...

PR Balrog and NuckleDu both eliminated before Street Fighter 5 top 16 bracket at Northwest Majors 8
I wish more players could step it up and hand EG players a big L more often. I see Top 8's with EG x 3 so often it I want to scream.

Street Fighter 5 servers now up and running
Pardon me if I'm misinformed but I thought Story Mode was coming with this match? If it's not in this patch or its been delayed I totally understand but I did read story mode in march update right?

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