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Mortal Kombat X sees biggest launch in the franchise's history, millions of players already online
Actually I believe that there are non disc (aka digital download) games that ALSO have locked content. I'm pretty sure of this because I have the digital upgrade of USF4 on Steam and I know for a fact that I haven't purchased any of the new costumes and yet when I'm watching replays and right there is Evil Ryu's Wolf Costume that I can't use until I buy it. Is this making any sense?

Run combos, corner juggles, and X-Rays! Check out EventHubs' Mortal Kombat X launch day combo video
How can Ed Boon & co want to be the 'flagship' FG title and not have a good tutorial mode? I dunno I haven't played the game (and probably wont for some time) but that would be a no brainer to me. Putting MKX aside, it would be interesting if someone took the in game overlay in Steam and put it in a FG title for PS4/XB1. You know, move lists, tutorial videos, its own ...

7-hit juggle still gets full animation U2?! Omega Dudley makes his USF4 counterpart look pathetic in this awesome combo video
I still like Omega mode combo videos. Please keep making them and I'll keep watching them!

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