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EVO 2016 results feat. Infiltration, Tokido, Armada, Momochi, SonicFox
Major shoutouts to Eventhubs, I just scrolled through an utterly MASSIVE series of game results AND battle logs. Your fingers must be sore as hell from all that typing! :P

'I'm not a fan of RPS-style neutral in a game where momentum is heavily rewarded' - Phenom reiterates SF5 thoughts, talks Necalli, EVO hopes and more
I don't understand his idea that rock/paper/scissors neutral is bad. ST has the same mechanic from my observations. I guess he hated that game too. :/

People are playing Street Fighter 5's Juri and Urien online; PC mods enable use of full versions from story mode
Yeah people used that tired phrase "DLC On Disc" as if it was a scandal. The thing is that nowadays with disc-less services like Steam the EXACT SAME THING happens, it's just on your hard drive until you pay for it and unlock it. I learned this when I bought some tables for Pinball FX2 during the recent Steam Sale. After my purchase I thought "ok i'll have to download the tables, won't take long." ...

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