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'I’d like to see Street Fighter more proportional to what the UFC is to the NFL' - Matt Dahlgren talks Street Fighter 5 and eSports
Smaller than NFL but successful in it's own right. It's a really good comparison if you really think about it and possible, I've always thought that FGC should try to mimic Boxing/MMA and not try to mirror LoL or DOTA. It just fit's the bill better. But one thing that makes MMA/Boxing successful that is different than NFL/NBA is that they emanate single personalities more than NFL who market off their teams. If Matt really ...

Nearly 70% stun with a 4-button juggle combo: Chun-Li's V-Trigger is starting to look quite strong in Street Fighter 5
yup people already called her the weakest character ignoring the possible tech that can come from her V Trigger. I don't care what character they announce, I'm now dead set on using Chun.

The all star spectacular continues - Episode 72 of the Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross ft. Xian
isn't it always an all star spectacular? when mike ross is on? #Kappa

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