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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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New Predator gameplay trailer released, reveals some absolutely brutal footage and an interesting character interaction
Yeah...that was kinda the original idea. Fulgore's look and design was based on Predator, back in the original K.I.

Capcom uploads the Street Fighter 5 teams tournament from E3 in high definition ft. Xian, Justin Wong, Daigo Umehara, Mago, and more
Dat Character Select screen Chun Li jiggle physics got me DOA!

A chance to work for Shadowloo, a glorious music career, and tons of air kicks: Learn all about Dee Jay in The World Warriors ep. 5
Ere me now...Southern Commit still be de farstest man on de eart... Just like Ewsain Bolt! Lawd've mercy!!! Now stahp bein a rasclot, Capcom, and bless tha brethren wid some bumbaclot Puma DLC!!!

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