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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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EventHubs lists top 50 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players, #20 - #11 - voice your opinions on Twitter: #USF4rank
this list is basically "top 10 players of the year + 40 honorable mentions". i'm interested in knowing what the criteria for judgement is based on cause smug and snake eyez not in top 10 this year is bull.

Hi-res Ultra Street Fighter 4 character select portraits for all 44 fighters
bison and oni look so badass!

Fuudo's 'Ai' tech: a way to activate Red Focus only if your opponent actually throws out a move in Ultra Street Fighter 4
ok just tried it out myself. tbh the difficulty and risk involved aren't worth it. if you're already willing to make that hard read to use this tech, you might as well just red focus anyways. the tech itself forces you to at least commit to a level 1 focus no dashing which isn't exactly the safest thing in the world.

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