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Capcom: Players find some losses more acceptable than others - if they feel a loss was justified they're more likely to stick around
tbh i think unfairness is what drives people to play more. look at casinos. even though the games are clearly unfair, people feel like with the right persistence and strategy they can beat the house. you definitely have to give players the tools to win though. back in super, even though dudley was garbage, we were so persistent because he had all the tools necessary to win, they just weren't good so we tried much ...

Capcom has indeed made Cammy and Chun-Li 'cuter' in Street Fighter 5, producers say K-Brad and PR Balrog were most hype for Karin
lol i been calling this game aryan fighter 5 ever since vega was announced.

'Dieminion has the best Guile, but I'm the better Street Fighter player' - NuckleDu talks Dieminion, how to win at majors, tourney taunting and more
i think nuckledu and dieminion are fairly even. they both have strengths and weaknesses but dieminion's just translates well to tournament settings. they both have players that 1 does well against that the other struggles with though. like dieminion is free to infiltration but nuckledu has beaten him with ease and nuckledu is free to bonchan but dieminion beats him handily.

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