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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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EX Duck completely avoids Thunder Knuckle, Short Swing Blow dodges Tiger Knee: Learn to punish un-true blockstrings with Dudley in USF4
a part of me feels some typa way with dude putting this tech on blast. the old heads been trying to keep it under wraps for years to catch dudes slippin.

AlucarD perfects Smug with big clap combos, Smug answers back with incredible whiff punishes - FT7 between these two character specialists
alucard threw away a lot of those games missing important punishes/confirms. but for the most part smug had him under control. also his damage was averaging around 22-25% since it seemed his goal was to just go for hitbox abusing links rather than damage. also technical_boom is right. also don't agree with the ultra choice either. U1 or UW. he landed U2 like what? 2 times in 11 games excluding combos?

EventHubs lists top 50 Ultra Street Fighter 4 players, #20 - #11 - voice your opinions on Twitter: #USF4rank
this list is basically "top 10 players of the year + 40 honorable mentions". i'm interested in knowing what the criteria for judgement is based on cause smug and snake eyez not in top 10 this year is bull.

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