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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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Gootecks' favorite thing about Street Fighter 5 is what Capcom didn't bring over from Street Fighter 4; Gootecks, Ultradavid, Xian and others talk SF5
i don't mind backdash invincibility all that much. its the distance and speed that needs to be checked for some of these characters. but with a lot of characters supposedly not having reversals either meaning V-reversal and blocking are your only defensive options which seems kinda shallow to me.

Smug EX Ducks a Thunder Knuckle, Latif scores a perfect with lethal Seismo pressure - FT10 between two rushdown experts
this match up was always really hard but i think it got worse in ultra. that buff she got was so unnecessary.

'We want to tie [frame buffering] to just combos' - Combofiend mentions the possibility of in-game frame data, and more in Street Fighter 5
but how are they gonna sell strategy guides! D:

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