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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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'We want to tie [frame buffering] to just combos' - Combofiend mentions the possibility of in-game frame data, and more in Street Fighter 5
but how are they gonna sell strategy guides! D:

Did you know that Gouken has mastered nothingess AND juggling? You'll see supers into ultra, ultra into ultra and much more in this style combo video
a velociraptor joint.

Valle shows off his Ryu in training and online, Bison takes off 50% with two meters and Birdie does 70% with a practical, six hit combo; SF5 roundup
people doing whatever they want on stationary training dummies and access to max meters is a demonstration of potential but not necessarily what's to be expected in standard play. even in SF4 characters can get over 700 or even touch of death off a jump in but chances of ever having that on an opponent fighting back, in a real situation where full meters isn't granted to you from the start is highly unlikely. but ...

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