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Capcom: Necalli is a good starting point for new Street Fighter 5 players - damage output is one of the highest in the game
but when the shackles are off he goes from dreads to pantine pro V commercial. WHAT'S CAPCOM TRYINNA SAY? hue.

Capcom: Effective play with Ken in Street Fighter 5 is about staying on top of the opponent and making them fear his options
honestly ken's pretty good when you get used to him. zoning isn't his game so that's understandable. his neutral isn't dominant but he has good tools to follow the flow and find that 1 good hit similar to dudley. also like dudley,ken has AMAZING punish ability and can punish things most of the cast can't and has a varied enough offense to really mess with people's heads and stun quickly. how i've gotten mileage out ...

F.A.N.G.'s poison cloud passes through projectiles, and he has several multi-hitting moves - Check out some new gameplay of SF5's latest character
i think fang is great. the poison, while it does do damage, i don't think it drains health fast enough for people to be in a frenzy right away trying to shake it off. it's all psychological to a point. from the combofiend vs mike ross IGN vid, i definitely recall seeing the poison kill so late game, it's more troublesome. also while it does 0 hitstun, fang still has to recover so i'm sure ...

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