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New select screen for Marvel vs. Capcom 3
@#12 Will you grow a f***ing brain? That is the logo of, the portuguese fighting game community me, Kanta-Kun and a number of other people who have played MvC3 are members of. They took that picture when they went there last thursday (December 29th) to prove they're not actually lying about anything. If you're going to talk sh*t try to at least pretend you have an idea of what you're talking about. I mean, ...

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay notes, Portugal session
Hey! This is Blue Lightning, one of the two who contributed to this list. I was going through the post and I found a slight mistake in Chun-li's list. In the second one (about post-hyakuretsu combos), what I originally wrote as j.C is not Jump cancel strings, it's jumping C strings, and by C I mean heavy punch. In TvC she could string a bunch of aerial heavy punches through IADs after a Hyakuretsu, but ...

Yang: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Strategy Guide and Moves
This is a good guide, but I feel like an important piece is missing, his target combos. while lk -> mk -> hk is kind of useless, jump-in mk -> dive kick is a good parry bait and mp -> hp -> back.hp is a very good TC that can easily be combo'd into super 2. Could you add this information?

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