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The level of detail in these $500+ Kintaro statues is incredible
It's retractable, for extra Johnny protection.

Gardevoir parries Gengar's attack, Charizard uses Seismic Toss, and more: This new Pokkèn Tournament trailer is awesome
The game is coming next month in arcades, from all the articles I've read. But I doubt it will get coverage in many FGC sites, given how unconventional it is compared to the rest of the genre. In any case, opinions may change once it launches. Maybe.

More Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC on the way? Three potential character and stage slots found in files of 1.1.1 patch
Everyone here at Eventhubs. The voting is suppose to end today, October 3. Who did you voted for? How many did you voted for? Name them all. If you failed to fill your ballots, do not cry or spill salt around if you don't get who you wanted in this game, for it will be your fault for not participating in the ballots. It will be your fault for wasting your voting time period.

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