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Chandelure confirmed for Pokken Tournament
I love Chandelure. In fact, I love Litwick's whole Evolutionary line! I tend to get them in my team at every opportunity that presents itself during my playthroughs in some of the games. It being in this title makes it even better for me! On the other hand, I was kinda expecting a Rattata. Now, if only we get a Ditto for the Edge Master/Mokujin of this title.

All 50 King of Fighters 14 characters will be available at launch, game's battle director says no plans for DLC fighters just yet
Knowing how they've been capitalizing on their two biggest franchises, I expect the possible DLC characters to include a lot from the Metal Slug cast and the rest of the Ikari Warriors, like Heidern.

The level of detail in these $500+ Kintaro statues is incredible
It's retractable, for extra Johnny protection.

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