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Get these games for under $1: Tekken 2, Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, and more - PlayStation Network flash sale
Everyone should also get the Wild ARMs titles and Breath of Fire IV, if you already got the two Mega Man X titles offered here. Also, Fighting Force, if you crave playing a decent 3D brawler. On a different, but related note, Dead or Alive 2 for PSX/PSOne is coming this Tuesday to PSN. If you wanna play a game with low poly jiggle physics, that is.

Tremor, Tanya, Predator and Liu Kang officially revealed in Mortal Kombat X
The Kombat Pack is a Season Pass, which will cost $30. And from what I've read from the E-Mail description in the newsletter I just got a while ago, there will be more DLC packs to come, aside from these 4 alone. Can't wait for what else will be offered!

Rayman turned into a playable, overpowered character in Super Smash Bros. with this mod
Darn it, Canada!

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