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Harada is thinking of including an Arab fighter in Tekken 7, seeks feedback on character design blueprints
OK, Harada! Now, add a Puertorrican Politician as a Character! This game needs to branch out into other parts of the world, and I think a Puerto Rico rep would be both hilarious and interesting in this world. It also needs someone to hang out with Miguel that can speak his same language. Besides, Puertorricans seem to like to branch out into any part of the world. The character would be someone who would be ...

Smash 4: Palutena can reduce her weight to move faster, Rocket and Glider Jump; move sets for Rosalina & Luma, Little Mac, Wii Fit Trainer and Pit
Sonic may be Speed, but Palutena is GODSPEED!

SNK files lawsuit against Square Enix for copyright infringement, 100+ instances of KoF and Samurai Showdown characters used without consent
Copyright Infringment is a Global Crime, believe it or not. Despite being handled differently between countries. China doesn't seem to care about that, though. What with their millions of knock-offs, but that's a different matter to be concerned about. Square Enix letting their Manga branch, Gangan Comics, allow the manga author to publish their work with hundreds of infringing artwork is a big deal. Even if a Square Enix CEO or Manager didn't see it ...

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