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Street Fighter 5's second brand new fighter revealed - Rashid joins the fray
Looks pretty cool to me. The character design is okay, but the gameplay design looks very interesting. Loving the aegis reflector style shenanigans. Looks like the mixup game is alive and well, despite the loss of vortex! I will say many of the supers I've seen so far look pretty dumb and OTT. Specifically thinking of Birdie, R.Mika, and Rashid's. Nash's looks a bit weird too. I liked the idea, but not the dumb way ...

Attribute rankings for Street Fighter 5's entire playable cast (so far)
To be honest, I think these ratings are kind of dumb. They're usually inaccurate or misleading, especially with regards to the "technique" aspect, which most people will take as an indication of how difficult the character is overall. If a similar system had been implemented in SF4, I guarantee Zangief would have had a low technique score, but arguably he's one of the more difficult characters to play. It's not that useful for new players ...

Street Fighter 5 gets its first brand new fighter; introducing Necalli
As an Italian I can tell you Rose looks nothing like any Italians. We don't actually use magic. As a Brazilian I can tell you only a few Brazilians look like Blanka. As an American I can tell you Rufus looks nothing like... wait never mind.

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