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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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Juri highlight video shows you don't need Dudley or Yun to lay down the insane pressure – red focus into Ultra 1 concepts, dash mix ups, combos, more
The video is so cool :)

EventHubs is giving away King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match closed beta test keys - help SNK Playmore improve the game's netcode
RT'ed as @JulioLobo. KOF 2002 is one of the biggest FGs here in Brazil, would love to test it out on PC to see if it's good. No pre-order, I'm fine.

Sanford Kelly's Sagat and Oni combat Justin Wong, Aquasilk, and PR Balrog - SSF4 AE v2012 exhibition replays from NEC 14
Thanks for the mention! That Justin x Sanford was just the hypest thing I can recall right now from 2013.

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