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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Mortal Kombat X
Mileena (Piercing)
Sonya (Demolition)
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Justin Wong: I think Killer Instinct has the biggest potential to blow up in the community; it's like a revival for the series - J Wong talks next-gen
I tend to disagree with JW's sentiments. The sole purpose for fighting games is to beat your opponents. In order to do that, we need to invest a lot of time to hone our skills for a particular game. It's been years since the resurgence of fighting games due to SF4, and today the market is pretty saturated with different titles that tends to all kinds of players. With each new title, the player pool ...

EventHubs Fight Tracker — revolutionary new system for finding and networking with fighting game players
Great feature!

Ono: Motion controls not for Street Fighter
Perhaps motion control isn't gonna be in for fighting games anytime soon, but I sure as hell will get a kick out of watching Justin Wong playing this kind of setup (the dude already sweats a ton playing on the stick). Ditto Marn. lol.

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