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Check out Riptor's full Ultra, stage finisher, accessories, and early mix-ups; TJ Combo's Retro costume includes a 70's afro Nah man He was Laurence Taylor and Mike Tyson spliced.

Five features Street Fighter 5 must have to be successful
Original 8 is no longer needed... SFIV introduced "Age-Old" fans to the new characters. Hugo, Dudley, Ibuki, Rolento, were pretty popular to newbs. If they cant introduce the truck loads of characters then they can replace Gief with Haggar. Include Alex (he has a "cool" factor for casuals" people will get behind. These characters MUST make an appearance. As you cannot deny how popular they were with the "age-old" fans and new people to the ...

Elfelt, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-'s 2nd console-exclusive character, fights with a rifle and shotgun
Guilty Gear use to have art u'd find in 90's anime, something that would fit in anime world of Heavy Metal. Or something from Cowboy Bebop or Trigun. This is Hyertune Dimension, Bulletgirls, Melty Blood nonsense. I wonder if the mini game will involve you washing her body and feeding her bannanas and poopsicles. How the hell do people think bunny gears, nurse outfit and PINK hair is metal. Oh because get it - guns ...

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