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Boon: Mortal Kombat X will introduce more new characters than any entry since the first game - DLC fighters planned, one is a 'guest'
The guest character is Rorsharch

First look at TJ Combo's newly added Ultra Combo in Killer Instinct season 2; can land infinite amount of Ultras in current build
Combo looks so dumb and uninspired and generic looking. It's like the guys were too cool to make him look like a 80's 90's boxer with a midrift tank top and shorts above the knees and a proper 90's haircut. He was basically a Lawrence Taylor/Mike Tyson/Apollo Creed in looks. They totally went with MMA with his design with a dumb goatee.

3-time NBA champion says pro gamers are professional digital athletes, defends his stance on TV show 'The View'

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