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Mad Catz to release 37 percent of current workforce as they go through company-wide restructuring
I went with HORI because it's a damn good stick that is 50 dollars less. I also went with Hori because Capcom is clearly shilling out on behalf of Madcats and wont add PS3 driver support even tho they are capable, have done so with USF4 allready,....every stream is trying to push Madcats even the official Capcom ones, and with Capcom being quiet it is kind of a smack to the the fans. Just say, ...

Why F.A.N.G could be a major threat to the delicate balance of Street Fighter 5
Even tho he has zoning tools and he looks to excel at that. I'm thinking he could be potentially more effective as a rush down. Poison mechanic is what has me curious because this game has a grey damage mechanic on top of that (which i hear is buffed for the final version), and if your opponent just keeps blocking all day, the grey damage and poison will add up...all it will take is a ...

Rare footage of Yoshinori Ono actually playing Street Fighter 5 - just how good or bad is he?
People claiming Ono did better than they expected. Giving props for taking a round. Clealy they have no idea what they are even watching. Can only imagine how free they are come SFV.

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