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Update: The secret room in Street Fighter 5's Forgotten Waterfall stage contains a very intriguing symbol
lol at people calling this old. Learn to read. It's about the statue being hidden inside the NEW ZEALAND stage which can only be seen in dynamic angles. Not about Charlies background art being connected to the Illuminati. Just it tieing in to the actual stage itself. I notice the mine but could not see inside. Thought it was wierd there was a mineshaft and could not get access to it. I assumed it was ...

More footage of Mika in action, Sherry Jenix's Necalli hits the scene, and more - PAX Prime Street Fighter 5 tournaments uploaded
The more i see pictures of R.Mika the more ridiculous she looks. Okay give her big floppy breasts, whatever. but why is it barely covering to the point that they will pop out? I can imagine how many horny basement dwellers and smelly otakus are hoping that will happen.

Necalli gets buffed, Nash gets nerfed and every character gets another V-Reversal; check out the updates for the latest Street Fighter 5 build
People saying past SF games didnt have hit confirm light to medium combos... The thing about those games is they had tons of other mechanics and either custom combos, wall bounce, and lots of juggle mechanics, low jumps, really fast dashes etc. double to triple meter usuage, etc. Feels like it's SF4 without cancels, karas, focus and ultra, hit confirms lp~mp. They really want this game to be nothing but pokes and counter crushs.

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