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Gootecks and Mike Ross welcome WWE superstar Xavier Woods on Excellent Adventures as they take on the Street Fighter 5 beta
Why would you go under Xavier Woods When Austin Creed is a pretty good ring name as is.

Update: The 'Headbutt Happy Glutton' Birdie gets his own Street Fighter 5 trading card and Vine
in actually 7'0 and fat and muscular. Birdie would physically be one of if not the strongest fighter in SF universe. Compared to say Zangeif.... As he's more in line of a powerlifter than a bodybuilder, who lift massive amounts more than bodybuilders despite not looked jacked up.

Capcom looking into PS3 arcade stick support for Street Fighter 5
"Looking into" Otherwise they are waiting to see how much money Madcatz is willing to pay for them not to so they can release their new SFV TE sticks.

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