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Juri's lack of a neutral game lands her at the very bottom: Flash Metroid shares his Street Fighter 5 tier list
people who say bison suck are the good players and the bison players themselves. When people figured the matchup = wait their turn, then the bison matchup got much easier. Ofcoarse if you're a button masher and cant react to anything...then i'm sure you will have a bad time. but it's funny how people think a character is good because they get wreck and use their own anecdotes as proof a character is good.

Learn more about Chun-Li's personal adventures from her pachislot game in these CFN profiles of kidnapped youth Mary and Chun-Li's biker friend Reiko
what they are doing characters from slot machines now? What about Efie? or the Judgement Girls? Axl and 2P? Also, Dean and Lucia. Maybe some Muscle Bomber characters....why reach with slot machines characters?

Double Aegis Reflector juggles, counters in the fireball war, and more: CEO-Urien already has an impressive Street Fighter 5 Urien
i really don't think Urien is "unfinished" or "op" I lol at anyone thinking he'll get nerfed before release...all by watching some combo showcase with his aegis. I'm just glad he has an invincible reversal that alone wont make him bottom. And his Aegis requires 3 bars. Not like it's free to use or build as his v-skill is slow as balls and none of his moves knockdown opponents long enough to use.

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