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Daigo, Tokido, Bonchan, GamerBee, and plenty more: Tons of new Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage
Daigo's Hugo got a 250ish win streak with Hugo according to Tokidos tweet.

Smug lands one of the most impressive Dudley combos we've ever seen, ends the round in 13 seconds
Yeah, like your ever gonna do anything like that. Do us Dudley players a favor and don't touch him. He's for skilled and smart players and requires a lot of patience which is something you seem to lack.

From Skullomania to R. Mika: OutsideXbox lists 9 characters that are 'better than Decapre' for Ultra Street Fighter 4
Haggar is very unique. Play him in MvC3 and 90% of his moveset is nothing like haggars, even his normal's. Sure MvC3 is a different game but translate him to SF4 and he'd be just as unique. The only thing they share is Lariot (which is different -- doesn't move and does damage to self) and an SPD. I think they should just change the SPD to a german suplex and that's enough for scrubs ...

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