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Are we being a bit too harsh on Street Fighter 5's DLC characters? Alex Valle's wisdom says these new fighters aren't as bad as we think
Rashid is doing better bc, this game's meta is get in stay in. and go for a mixup. People are finding newer and better ways to do damage. Plus he has an EX.reversal so he's not totally free on knockdown and people have to bait and loose momentum. Someone like Alex wont be good in the current meta because he's slow, hes only positive dash in is after knee press, then he;s back at neutral ...

He's got great damage, neutral game and mix ups, but he might not make the top tier club; Urien breakdown from WSO stream
no 3 frame jab, anti air jab or good top tier anti air in general, no cross up..non ex invincible reversal. charge moves can limit potential combos and v-trigger requires 3 bars. and v-skill seems useless as it's a bit slow and not staying in to pressure is the meta. He may not be top 4 maybe fighting for top 8 but atleast he aint bottom 8.

Street Fighter 5 top 100 character leaderboard stats: Alex & F.A.N.G don't make cut - Laura, M. Bison & Rashid with strong showings
top 100 should have 1 of everyone. but no alex? sigh...i hope capcom makes him op next season just because.

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