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Cammy is, for sure, better than Ken - Brenttiscool explains why Ken isn't top five on the latest Excellent Adventures
When you have to explain why a character is top 5 or isn't top 5. Then that means they are top tier material or a c**t hair from that top 5 that it doesn't really matter because the top is pretty debatebly tight nit which means they are all pretty freaking viable and it all boils down to the player. Now arguing who is bottom 5 or isn't bottom 5....well, that's arguing who sucks more ...

LI Joe: I think Nash is around 5th best in the game; I do not think he's a dominant character - EVO 2016 finalist talks training, his father, and more
You guys realize that that the top 8 = 5th would make sense that 3 were. The winner of all these are Infiltration, the best player in the world. Also note the top 5 are all good, and are pretty close in topness and infiltration would have the same level of success with any top 5...unlike bottom 5

Juri official release trailer, date / time revealed; New Street Fighter 5 Summer costumes on the way
lol at Summer outfits. Is ONO trying to make this game DOA? "Sakura is forever schoolgirl" He's such a manchild typical japanese middleage creeper.

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