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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round gets new 'Gust' inspired costumes; now available for purchase in the US
@ThaiSenpai, RokoJono, DeePhenom, & synce For those thinking it was this "big surprise", these costume sets are definitely not that "big surprise because 1# these were announced before hand: 2# Hayashi just mentioned: "We’re preparing a big surprise for Dead or Alive 5 in the future." which is more likely to come within months (maybe a year), that is way too quick to be that big surprise. Plus DOA5 has always put out costumes ...

Bandai Namco doles out details on their official Tekken 7 tournament series
If EVO15 has taught Me anything you don't need console release to appear on tourney especially the only access for Westerns to play on arcades is if you spend your days in Japan or South Korea playing in arcades, showing up in FGC events, or if your lucky can play Arcades in Dave & Busters or Round 1 Arcades:

'Big surprise' planned for Dead or Alive 5 in the future, says Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi
I think keeping your expectations low isn't such a bad thing, the only big thing I only expect from DOA5LR is either character or stage which isn't huge compare to fixing PC ports, new game mechanics, Story Mode expansion, or new customization system. As far as fighting aspect goes are you mainly hoping for more gameplay ideas or something? Naotora Ii was character that I was impressed with how she fights and how much damage ...

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