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Mortal Kombat creator can't 'de-confirm' more DLC characters in MKX, we may be seeing another kombat pack in the future
I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Kombat Pack 2 and making the Story Mode CPU exclusives playable. I can't help but feel that characters like Tanya, Rain, Sindel, & Baraka should've been selectable from the start even if it means their original release date should've not happen and be release at a different date just so they have the 4 of them available from the start, but for some reason it doesn't work ...

Power Rangers-esque heroism prevails in new Dead or Alive 5: Last Round 'Fighter Force' costume pack
That trailer was pretty awesome, it really makes Me think of common action movies that you see trailers of which I do find pretty funny. I do think these costumes look very impressive and would be ones I would pay for a set of. I'm liking part of LR DLC costumes bit more than part of Ultimate.

Parents seem much less upset with Mortal Kombat X than they were with Mortal Kombat 1; Fortune examines changes in social views on video game violence
Back then around when Mortal Kombat hit the arcades, parents around the 90s weren't use to seeing violence in video games which these games would've just been toys for kids (which is not the case). Even without Mortal Kombat there is always people trying to focus on the blame of videogames as of today (despite violence in videogames is not becoming as much of an issue) is mostly using it as an escape goat mainly ...

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