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New character skins, colors, Kim Wu gets a new move, and much more: Killer Instinct Definitive Edition, free Shadow Lords mode, and patch released
@Stiqman Maybe SFV can achieve the same results as KI did years later. Did you know Killer Instinct started off with 6 characters at launch, Survival, VS Mode, Training, & Online. KI didn't have everything in the beginning like SFV just without having to pay full retail price. @NoizyChild The game came out in November 22 2013 same month as the Xbox One release, Spinal was added 2 months later (Jan. 31 2014) and Fulgore ...

New Street Fighter 5 costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li, Necalli - story mode option to use DLC outfits
These costumes do look cool, I would honestly prefer them if this was Ken (maybe Boxer Bison/Balrog) & Laura but Ryu & Chun-Li really doesn't fit them at all. But I guess Ryu & Chun-Li are the faces of Street Fighter, even if they wind up with out of place costumes like these.

EVO 2006 featured Mario Kart competition, Tekken 5 was played on CRT televisions
There could've been a huge outrage if Mario Kart 8 was part of the EVO16 lineup mainly from die hard traditional fighting game fans. (plus that was a long time ago along with Mario Kart never saw another EVO spot ever again after its one time spot) Bringing up outrage about ESPN & Mika's default costume is just comparing apples to a bananas on this one despite it involves corporation having influence within competitive scene, ...

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