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Nintendo may be shifting focus toward hardcore fans once again; Miyamoto says they no longer have to make products relevant to general players
I'm pretty glad that Nintendo is considering on shifting to appeal the hardcore gamers (NES-Gamecube era), since it is pretty important to appeal the ones who are willing to play your games. When it comes to appeal when it comes to the Wii U, casual gamers aren't likely going to buy the Wii U (especially families that only bought the Wii, which family time will always expire pretty easily). Nintendo still has a long way ...

Capcom suing Koei Tecmo for $9.43 million, claims patent infringement in 50 titles
These reasons are just plain stupid based on what I've read. "it appears that Capcom are effectively referring to the idea of expansion packs, and importing content into the new version of a game. Since the patent was filed back in 2002, it likely covers the concept of using expansion discs in conjunction with the original disc of a game, in order to unlock content" That sounds like what every other videogame has been doing ...

Pokken Tournament fighting game announced, developed by Bandai Namco under Katsuhiro Harada's supervision, slated for 2015
So far this does look pretty cool, that music does remind Me of Jinpachi's Tekken 5 music. @BluePepsi & maxi2099 Just because its another fighting game that involves Harada, that doesn't mean TXSF is official cancelled. Harada has said multiple times that TXSF hasn't been cancelled, its still in working development. The only thing whats going on (if any of you haven't read or follow news about TXSF) is that there are many products that ...

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