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Ultra Street Fighter 4's arcade intro - cinematic opening video
That is why I said "except a few things." The Edition Select was something that people either wanted to see as an Online feature or something that people wouldn't want to see Online to begin with considering how Tournament Players & Elitist would disapprove. About Putting on Next Console, weren't there hints about that especially the PS4? That doesn't mean Next Consoles are completely out of the question, but there is going to PS4 and ...

Ultra Street Fighter 4's arcade intro - cinematic opening video
Who honestly knows what Capcom is doing for the new SF game since it'll take a couple of years (depending on Capcom's choices or what kind of hardware will they be using), where is it going to take place for SF storyline (since SFIV was after SFII and before SFIII), and who knows what mechanics we might end up having. Nothing in the world will be easy to get or to execute, sometimes just wanting ...

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Edition Select still offline-only, has save/reload state and Network Simulation; hits retailers August 7 in Japan
I do understand your disappointment, but this is still too early and things can change. Why don't you complain to Capcom about this or at least holdback on USFIV until there are better news about Edition Select available for Online so you can play against your online friends in private lobbies?

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