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Charlie Nash joins the fray in Street Fighter 5 - third character to be announced for Capcom's new fighting juggernaut
The end of the trailer was pretty awesome, I'm looking forward to see Charlie Nash in gameplay to see how he fights or what his purpose is.

Five features Street Fighter 5 must have to be successful
Street Fighter V for story-wise when it comes to characters could either: A.Take place after SFIV before SFIII New Generations which some SFII veterans returns while others excluded (by either purposes for not entering the tournament or is official dead) include some SFIII characters (Maybe except ones that wanted to take down Gill or is involved with Gill's secret society example Alex, Necro, Urien, & Twelve), making room for some Alpha characters or mostly new ...

Updated: Harada says Tekken 7's Lucky Chloe will not be coming to U.S., game designer feels he's trolling for publicity
Uh dude, they're not getting rid of her even part of the article said "Despite more Tweets from Harada questioning Chloe's stateside release, Michael Murray, a game designer for Namco Bandai, has stated that Harada is only "trolling". Even this tweet: Along with other tweets you could check out that he isn't likely to get rid of her and be available to all regions. One word to people that wanted her erased from Tekken: ...

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