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Tekken 7's initial release date finally confirmed; this is when you can expect to see the full game being played
I'm pretty sure other people would want to see consoles & PC releases as much as you do, but people like you who want console release dates should wait for awhile even if waiting is not fun. Hey, I don't have arcades available around My area (unless if there is a Dave & Busters, which even then may not have new arcade games) and fighting games have always started Arcade releases first before Console releases ...

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round game play footage featuring new characters, new hairstyles and new costumes!
@Zack117 & Kwisatz_Haderach The majority of comments from the internet are always going to criticize anything that doesn't suit their taste or act like its such a huge deal especially stuff they barely understand, and has knowledge that is non existing when it comes to who would want to play the game & communities themselves. I could tell them to leave them & the series news alone and support they would rather be playing/following/watching, but ...

Big E plans to bring Dead or Alive 5: Last Round to EVO 2015 despite it not being on the main line up
It is very good news that DOA5LR is getting a side tournament, and would want to consider helping out Big E & DOA community by actually heading to Las Vegas for EVO (which the chances of coming is pretty high) and enter the side tournament.

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