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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: 'explosively destructible' costumes (Senran Kagura collaboration) are next in line for DLC
Ahhh sooo nice! keep going ladies!

5 best moments from USF4 top 8 at Cannes Winter Clash: Sako combos, Poongko comebacks, Infiltration scrambles for the health lead, and more
LMAO! That's so true! GIF treatment material right there!

Someone just donated $1,000 to /r/Kappa's campaign to send Kitasenju DJ, Infiltration and Kazunoko to Final Round 18
LOL, on all you guys calling me out. I made a typo. While the guy who tweeted it obviously didn't make one. There is a big and obvious difference in ARE and OUR. And typo means you misspelled a word due to input error with the way the letters on the keyboard are laid out. As you can see, when typing ARE instead of OUR in the keyboard one cannot possibly make a typo. GOODBYE.

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