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Kazunoko gets Kazunoko'd, Daigo dusts off his Ryu and Poongko scores another double perfect; Stunfest 2015 highlights
Dude, can you please stop it with that sh*t already? You're like a broken record saying that thing over and over again in these comments like it's such a huge accomplishment. That must be the only thing you've ever really accomplished in your whole life huh? If it is then I feel sorry for you. Seriously, you must really be in dire need of recognition and approval from others to be going on and on ...

KVO results ft. Bonchan, Kazunoko, Tokido, Pepeday, Haitani, Itabashi Zangief, KojiKOG, Nishikin, Dogura, Kindevu, Misse, Eita, RF, Kyoku and more
Haha... I only know of the EH member who worships JWong but I won't name him. He knows who he is, lol. As for the guy who knows unknown top Japanese players who don't go states side, I think he was Remondo02. But he has since been banned a long time ago.

Tekken 7 demo will be at Texas Showdown and Combo Breaker and will feature new characters despite recent theft of game keys
...Yes, 'Rosie Rizal' has a nice ring to it. Better than Josie Rizal. lol

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