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A less-than-real Smash Bros. leak, Mike Ross stars in 'Jumper' - another installment of ridiculous FGC memes and images

The fighting game community bands together to raise over $15,000 for PushaTee's family
My prayer goes out to this man's friends, family and loved ones. And much love and respect to the FGC for coming together once again to support the famliy of one of its own. Rest in peace man. And though your loved ones will surely miss you, they know you're in a better place now.

Japan Ultra Street Fighter 4 Nationals results feat. Daigo, Momochi, Bonchan, Mago, Kyabetsu, Nishikin and more
Yes, I remember that tournament. I think it was the recent Singapore tournament if I'm not mistaken. But remember that he has also played against gamerbee on several occasions. And he has a good win record against him. As for Ryu being the weaker shoto. He may be on paper, but in the hands of the Ryu master himself, Ryu is easily among the top 10 characters in the game. So at least Daigo should ...

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