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Rolento, Poison and Elena's endings from Ultra Street Fighter 4's Arcade Mode
Akuma and Elena pic, kodak moment! lol

Daigo's prime target at the Topanga World League was Xian; feels that winning the league with Ryu is a large accomplishment
Daigo won TWL. End of story. With Ultra now out, I'd like to see if the Cammy mainers out there, like Xiao Hai are still gonna keep her now that she won't be as brain dead of a character as she is in SSFIV AE 2012. I have a feeling the top tier whores are gonna flock to the next top tier just to have that advantage over other top players. Maybe Xiao Hai didn't ...

Has Ultra Street Fighter 4's worst match up already been discovered? Dhalsim's 2-hit st.MK is the absolute Hugo killer
@ 1, I agree! That buff has got to be the most stupid and overpowered buffs ever! not to mention a major oversight on the part of the developers! I imagine, Capcom will revert it back to a one-hit move.

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