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Street Fighter 5 speculation on release date rumors, characters and graphics by Maximilian
My dream 16: Ryu Ken Akuma Bison Sagat Alex Urien Chun-li Juri Cammy Charlie NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW

Learn to play Killer Instinct in the language of Street Fighter! Check out Infil's in-depth guide for Street Fighter players who want to pick up KI
"...unprofessionell."? (It's Unprofessional, not unprofessionell). Please, if you're going to criticize someone's article, then learn to proofread your own writing first. Or learn to spell correctly. That way your whole argument would not prove irrelevant.

Street Fighter 5's release in 2015 looking increasingly slim, game only 20% complete, and EX move inputs confirmed
In the mean time, add at least two more characters for USFIV PS4 and/or cross platform play with PS3 and I can wait until 2016. Oh and maybe a new Virtua Fighter game would be nice!

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