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A new Ultra Street Fighter costume pack may be on the horizon! Check out these interesting leads...
Got more milk Capcom? SMH.

Street Fighter 5: Charlie's new 'Crescent Kick' doesn't require charge? And is teleport actually his V-Trigger? Check out Vesper's latest breakdown
I hope they show a completely NEW character when they show this on the weekend then. It's about time that they should. I'm getting tired of people going over footage we've all seen before.

Seth Killian: I think there are a lot of fighting game mechanics that are physically harder than they need to be
How can you not have depth without a degree of complexity thrown at it for good measure? SMH. That is just convoluted. Of course a game needs advanced and complex mechanics in order to have a certain level of depth. So is what you're saying that a game like divekick for example can have depth because there are no complex executions involved? I thought so. Certain moves that require some degree of difficulty are necessary ...

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