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Street Fighter 5's roster is going to keep growing next year - Here's who we want to see added as playable for Season 2 DLC
A NEW character named 8-Frame would be really nice. Yup, 😂

An unbelievable double KO between two legends: When Justin Wong and Daigo's pre-release Super Street Fighter 4 exhibition ended in draw
I remember people were saying that the double K.O. was staged to hype the launch event of SSFIV.

Ryan Hart attempts to change Daigo's mind on a specific Street Fighter 5 match up, but it's hard to sway The Beast
Daigo: Wassup mah n*kka Hart: What'd you say? Daigo: Uh, wassup... mah n*kka Hart: Man ain't nobody understand the words that are comin' outta yo' mouth!

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