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Remy tells his dead sister about his battles, Hugo likes Poison and potatoes - Latest SF5 profiles detail these two Street Fighter 3 veterans
I kinda like Remy's character design and personality. Although, I never knew he was kind of creepy.

Sagat gets double teamed by two Chun-Lis, Blanka is more soccer ball than beast - check out this wild clip from Future Cops
Those cheesy Chinese comedy martial arts movies of 90's were pure gold, lol. Especially the dubbed versions.

The two fighters in the Street Fighter 2 opening finally revealed - Capcom's latest profiles detail mysterious old-schoolers Scott and Max
I always wondered why Capcom made the black guy (before I found out his name from today) lose to the white guy. As a kid I found it to be a typical stereotype white supremacy kind of thing. So in my mind it was somewhat racist, lol.

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