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Ultra Street Fighter 4
M. Bison
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Darkstalkers 3
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
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Zangief's V-Trigger can suck opponents into command throw and Critical Art mix ups, EG|Momochi and EG|ChocoBlanka stream Street Fighter 5
Zangef looks really good not only gameplay wise but his animation looks better than most of the cast so far. Idk why lol

'That’s the power of the Satsui no Hado? I expected more' - updated Street Fighter 5 win quotes include Necalli, Vega, and R. Mika
I hope they bring back unique opening sequences like cvs2. And 3rd strike

More footage of Mika in action, Sherry Jenix's Necalli hits the scene, and more - PAX Prime Street Fighter 5 tournaments uploaded
I wish each character had a voice hat represents their native language that would have been awesome

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