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Ultra Street Fighter 4
M. Bison
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Darkstalkers 3
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
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'You have to think quickly, and some players use what they can come up with the quickest' - Combofiend on anti-airs in Street Fighter 5
Jan anti air sucks because when I play vega and try to cross up a a lot of Alex players they simply Jan anti air me and don't have to guess where I'm attacking

Which Americans, if any, will make Street Fighter 5 top 8 at EVO? Let us know what you think by voting in our latest poll
I'm surprised ppl are not voting for Ricky

Bison's placing drops significantly, Guile takes a seat in the top 3: Let's look at Street Fighter 5's tier list pre-EVO
Always new claw and dictator were over rated, I think vega needs better defense on claw mode, relying on clawless give you more normals to cancel out from but the reach us horrible and you'll find yourself being pushed back cuz of pressure

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