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Ultra Street Fighter 4
M. Bison
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Darkstalkers 3
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
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Niitsuma would like to be a part of a Capcom vs. Capcom game if it happens, says curtain is closing on UMvC3
Dc vs capcom would be cool but even though it won't happen I hope it's not mvc style lol

Capcom aware of issues in Ultra Street Fighter 4 like Dhalsim's Back + MK attack not pushing back far enough, among others
Idk if this is a big deal but I've noticed that you can't connect his crouching mk to crouching lp anymore I switched to AE and it worked but it does not work in ultra

Poll: Do you think the Guard Power Gauge and Guard Crushes should be implemented in Ultra Street Fighter 4?
In my opinion i say no because it benefits rush down characters I play vega and the claw comes off when I'm in block strings and that's already annoying lol plus I simply feel like te game doesn't need it

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