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M. Bison
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V-Reversals save lives, so why aren't we using them? A closer look at one of Street Fighter 5's strongest defensive options
I find it useful mid screen when your getting a lot of pressure from jabs or jump ins but in the corner is almost useless that's one thing that has me dissapointed in him besides the fact that his standing hp cc is a bit hard to deal with since, you can slide after it but the oppenent always has enough time to recover and block

Mike Ross takes out Combofiend's Guile and Filipino Champ's Dhalsim in Street Fighter 5 - check out his Laura highlights here
Yo I'm crying at the end lmaooo btw this banner shows what happens when Mike activate v trigger look at his eyes

'When's Mahvel 4?' - Fans have created a petition to request a new Marvel vs. Capcom title
They should Use the power of 4chan and aim to get 100k signatures, they were responinble for many internet memes popularity and they also made that chocolate rain kid go viral.

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