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Mortal Kombat creator can't 'de-confirm' more DLC characters in MKX, we may be seeing another kombat pack in the future
you're going to be waiting a long, long time. EB already deconfirmed Spawn.

Killer Instinct live stream showcasing the brand new character Omen!
To the people complaining about the grab: dont. It doesnt do 100% damage, it does 100% POTENTIAL damage. You still need to secure a combo to finish the deal after, and it puts the opponent really far away. It's not like it 's a free win.

Luffy's 5 consecutive reads, Infiltration's 'final pixel of health' turnaround, Tokido gets 2 rounds stolen in a row - USF4 Amazing Comebacks
Infil: "Comeback!" godlike.

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