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Chuvy gets a second chance, Chaotix rushes down Filipino Champ, and Ricky Ortiz shows why she's so clutch in some hype moments from Absolute Battle 5
I don't know why but I like seeing fchamp getting rekt... Sick comeback on the whole set.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Ver. 1.0.4 patch is out; Little Mac's KO Punch buffed, Bowsercide kills Bowser first - list of changes found thus far
Nintendo is doing a great job with the buffs and nerfs, Capcom should learn a few things from Nintendo.I know changing stuff all the time is bad but after majors I think Capcom should work on the game bit by bit.

Topanga A League - Day 9 results, current standings, battle logs and more, Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament
Sako is a true monster.

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