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Desk's new video: Buffs for E. Honda, Ryu and T. Hawk lead to new combo possibilities in Ultra Street Fighter 4 Ver. 1.04
all honda got really is a really bad ass punish, but this is it... unless you can hit confirm into ex hands that is.

Mike Ross vs. Combofiend: the 1st Street Fighter 5 real match - watch the stage demo from Capcom Cup 2014 again
I liked a lot what I've seen... Hits that hitconfirm for a long time and quite negative on block, it looks like it will be a heavy footsie game with tons of hitconfirms into ultra and other buttons; and normals doing recoverable chip damage makes it even better...

Charlie Nash joins the fray in Street Fighter 5 - third character to be announced for Capcom's new fighting juggernaut
I wonder if normals will still do healable chip on block from now on, this changes so much in the game.

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