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Desk Omega CMV roundup: Elena juggles with 5 Scratch Wheels, Dudley 27-hit combo, Gouken, Fei Long
Her juggles on omega are actually more cool that most of the other character

PR Balrog to retire from his fighting games career this year, but will go out with a bang with EVO and Capcom Cup 2015
Losing someone of his caliber in our still tiny fgc will suc* for sure, But I really do hope after 2015 everything will be different... Show us what you got man, I can hardly wait for this year's evo and capcup.

Luffy's 5 consecutive reads, Infiltration's 'final pixel of health' turnaround, Tokido gets 2 rounds stolen in a row - USF4 Amazing Comebacks
I think I watched every single one of these live lol

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