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Street Fighter 5 will use rollback-based netcode similar to GGPO, wants 'to bring back that sense of 'Oh my!' moments like . . . Third Strike'
Instead of delay there will be tiny rollbacks troughout the match. Sure if the connections are bad it can get really choppy and with massive rollbacks. so it will be perfect for people playing close to each other, in a game where reactions are a big thing this is a must. That is why quite a lot of players look down on sf4 online

From tiny trophies to double knock outs, Capcom Fighters count down their top five moments from Stunfest
Hahahaha that was awesome man.

Desk Omega CMV roundup: Elena juggles with 5 Scratch Wheels, Dudley 27-hit combo, Gouken, Fei Long
Her juggles on omega are actually more cool that most of the other character

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