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Ravenous Mileena kills her opponent with her hind quarters in this brand new Mortal Kombat X Brutality
Mileena has a better pedigree than Seth Rollins, that's for sure.

'The name of the game is commitment, Street Fighter 5 is not as forgiving as Street Fighter 4' - Combofiend on the developmental approach to SF5
I'll be the white knight in here and say "Well, you can't please everyone." SFV is set to be a "different" game than SFIV, and because of that, people are dissatisfied. lol gotta love it. I will side, however, with those who believe that console exclusivity will probably do more harm than good.

Brand new Brutalities, character adjustments and an easier time with controllers; Mortal Kombat X receives its latest update
Glad to see that my main character, who is considered to be bottom tier, got some much needed buffs. This is an example of frequent patches being a good thing. Alas... can't pls everyone.

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