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Kevin 'Dieminion' Landon and Chris 'Kreymore' Landon announce departure from Empire Arcadia
For those asking what's going on in EMP, watch this video. It may answer a few questions.

Daigo: 'I switched from Ryu to Evil Ryu because of Yun'; Ken, Akuma, Sagat are mid-tier but viable
Shout outs to opinions.

Experimental UMvC3 event: Ratio competition feat Filipino Champ, CJ Showstopper, GC Yoshi, Taekua & more
My team of Shulk (1), Spencer (5), and Akuma (4) works. Props to those who love this game and understand that the game has been getting stale as of late. Id like to see something like this adopted at majors, although it's wishfull thinking.

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