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Juri breaks the space-time continuum, Dudley's a mech, and more: Enjoy watching these Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PS4 glitches
Capcom definitely deserves heat for this mess too, just as much as "Other Ocean" does. It's Capcoms title, they need to make sure their stuff is handled properly cause their damn name is on it. We all really need to come together and demand more than this garbage. It's our money we're spending for their product.

Community reports multiple differences in Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PlayStation 4
I too am shocked at the fact that people are defending this garbage. To say it's ok to receive crappy products for our hard earned money is absolutely nuts. We the consumers deserve better than this, and until we are heard, nothing will change.

'I feel like it was too soon for a patch, it did not address the larger issues,' Tom Brady talks Quan Chi, Sub-Zero nerfs, and more
I'm wondering why I'm surprised that EH users get mad when top players share their opinions.

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