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Ryan Hart and Luffy meet in the Dreamhack Valencia 2013 SSF4 AE v2012 grand finals - Hart plays Ryu instead of Sagat throughout entire set
i think gootecks' rose is actually very solid, too. maybe not "international top level"-good, but definately worth crediting.

Harada: It seems that many PC gamers are not interested in fighting games
that's not a surprising statement, but still very sad... i'm a pc gamer only, since i don't own any of the new consoles, but i'm very interested in fighting games. still i'm only able to play sf4 /sfxt because nothing else is available. I'd love to get into umvc and i'm | | < that close to buying a xbox just to play that single game :/

Daigo vs. Poongko LG Cup grand final replays - Super Street FIghter 4 Arcade Edition v2012
obvious sign i watched too much sfXt lately: waiting for ryu to bounce off the wall aber the EX spin kick

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