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Ed Boon: The obscure character Tremor was included in Mortal Kombat X due to 'this swell of people pushing for it with petitions online'
did u ever see the episode where Bart Simpson paint shaker's a beer and then gives it to Homer? ... Tremor will do just fine.

Bonchan called Tokido a 'weakling' (lit. 'weak bug), not a 'coward'; Find out what Bonchan and Tokido actually said at Red Bull Kumite
Well, he's a weak bug, so I'll let him say whatever he wants. yo I just found my new response to hate messages ty Bonchan

Kazunoko: 'I somehow managed to defeat Velociraptor, America's strongest Gouken... that's probably the strongest Gouken in the world!'
lol Velociraptor doctored this story! jk props man

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