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This user joined EventHubs on April 24, 2010.
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New character Catalina announced for Tekken 7, location tests start on October 3rd, netplay implemented, one more new character in loc test build
Her stage is at a wine mixer!

Count the number of Perfects and push ups! Alex Myers and LowTierGod duke it out in Wednesday Night Fights' latest USF4 grudge match
wow... just... I've never heard anyone call someone a f*ggot 13 or 14 times after losing in street fighter before... Good truly triumphed over evil at WNF this week.

Project M: Ice Climbers look beary cool in their new alternate costume, Pokemon recolors for Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Squirtle
That ninja Squirtle so sick!! too bad every time you try to do Water Gun he chokes and loses a stock tho... But still cool!!

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