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Why it doesn't matter whether or not Daigo is 'washed up' in Street Fighter 4
one time.. I saw Daigo fighting the "at the time" Japanese champ who was using Dhalsim. Sf4 just came out and everything was still new. well, the Dhalsim had Daigo dead to rights and was just throwing stretchy arms from full screen to poke him to death. .. then Daigo starting throwing out random Shoryukens, missing and getting punished over and over. I was like, "bah God Daigo has cracked !!!" but then.. Daigo hit ...

Tali XOXO's Street Fighter 5 Cammy cosplay... is... what were we saying?
I can feel it coming over me ~ I can feel it ALL AROOUND MEEE

This guy got his dad to reenact the win poses from Street Fighter 2, and his Dhalsim dance is top tier
lol idk i think this guy may have done it better only a dance off will decide !!!

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