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Which characters have the best and worst visual design in Street Fighter 5? See how EventHubs readers voted here
That's not how polling questions and criteria asked of people work at all, for a variety of statistical reasons. I'll leave you to look at the results and figure out why.

Could Street Fighter 5's season one leaks have an effect on season two's DLC plans?
I'm of the camp that doesn't mind seeing datamined info because it helps me focus on what's to come rather than what could be and overhyping myself (OH BOY WILL WE GET Q THIS SEAS--oh, no.), but I see the other side too -- Cloud in Smash Bros. comes immediately to mind. Nintendo got VERY careful about how they handled Smash's DLC (including leaving essentially dummy file strings that were clearly placeholder, but didn't reveal ...

Urien can loop four meterless headbutts in one combo; it does 371 damage, and it actually looks practical
Another one.

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