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Blanka has a teleport that deals damage, Sagat's EX Tiger Raid does 9 hits - Daigo and Mago test out Ultra Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode
I'm looking forward to what they do with Vega/Claw, Juri, and Viper. The first two because they're my mains, and Viper because she is already off-the-wall for Street Fighter's traditional gameplay design ; maybe she'll go from King of Fighters to Guilty Gear.

Mega Man has a combo breaker? First major glitch of Super Smash Bros. 4 found in the 3DS demo version
The real reason he was banned from MvC3.

Maya makes her gameplay debut in new official Killer Instinct trailer, mummy-like character and stage teased
New Beyonzo confirmed. King Ramseeeees (The man in gauze, the man in gauze) confirmed.

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