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Previously unseen character Mian sheds her mask in latest King of Fighters 14 trailer - also gives more screentime to Sylvie and Kukri
Looks like some sort of Manchurian Candidate-style sleeper agent stuff is going on with Sylvie, based on her Climax super? I like that. I like Sylvie. Mian is super stylish! I appreciate how she's basically all (over the top, but still) martial arts in contrast with her electricity- and sand-slinging teammates. Kukri's cool, too. Good team!

What Makoto might have looked like - Check out these Street Fighter 3 concept art pieces for the series' iconic karate girl
I must have polka-dot scarf-belt-thing.

Sorry, Krypto fans... Ed Boon says the super dog will not be in Injustice 2
Because Dex-Starr is a cat and, therefor, worthy of inclusion where possible. Compare to Krypto, who is a "superdog," and thus super-inferior to everyone's favorite Rage Cat. Very simple.

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