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M. Bison can teleport dash without V-Trigger in the latest build of Street Fighter 5
Now's the time to experiment. Frankly, I hope they go a little more on the wild side. Bison's tele-dash here is a good example, but also stuff like returning Chun's spinning air kick special and OTG-ability ,stuff like that.

New character Laura leaked for Street Fighter 5
BYE KARIN. HI LAURA. I kid, I'll be playing both. And Vega. And Gief. This roster is fine by me.

Is Ono hinting at Urien in Street Fighter 5 this time? The Capcom producer and his Blanka toy strike again
Mexico =! Brazil Brazilian SF5 stage already shown in a screenshot =! showing off the famous real life inspiration for a past character's stage

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