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'Purple Smoke of Deception' - check out Juri's Street Fighter 5 trading card
That nickname is awful considering: A) They removed a lot of the purple coloring from her specials int he transition from SF4 era B) YOU ALREADY HAVE A GUY WHO LITERALLY FIGHTS WITH PURPLE SMOKE AS A CORE PART OF HIS ABILITIES, CAPCOM WHAT

She likes spiders almost as much as she likes breaking you; check out Juri's Street Fighter 5 stats and theme song
Takes a bit too long to get to the melody, but I'm definitely digging the dark underground club vibe, definitely like a place Juri would hang.

Through vigorous training Dhalsim draws ever closer to divinity - Street Fighter 5 profile for yoga master Dhalsim, his wife Sally and their son Datta
Iconic character. Everybody Dhalsim Dance now.

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