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Video: Super Smash Bros. 3DS start-up times cut by half on the New 3DS portables, C-stick allows for charged Smash attacks, back aerial moves
Once again, my severe procrastination leads me to the best result.

Should Street Fighter X Tekken receive an update? Is it even worth it at this point? EventHubs Round Table discusses Ono's Famitsu interview
It's too laaaaaate to [update SFxT] It's too laaaaaaaaaaaaaate

Update: Harada says Tekken 7 budget is not lower than past years; team is creating a character to 'battle against Devil'
UUUUUUUUH. @Harada_TEKKEN HUH? What r u talking about? "TK5 is PS2 platform = Development costs are cheaper than recent years". Tekken7 is not lower budget then past series. And UE4 engine license fee is not cheap. Huh.... RT@Tenshimitsu I'm very sad to hear that your budget for Tekken 7 is much lower than the one you had back in Tekken 5. :(

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