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Files for Halloween stage and Effie, Necro's girlfriend, as a background character included in new Street Fighter 5 update
Stage looks neat, and fun cameos are fun and cameo-y. Necro would be a fine addition for Season 2 and I wouldn't be mad at his inclusion, but I'm jonesing for Oro and Q to rep SF3 over here.

Which Batman villain would you most like to see in Injustice 2?
Poison Ivy and count me as a write-in vote for Professor Pyg.

A classic Marvel vs. Capcom 2 character just got added to official Street Fighter lore via CFN - Their family also detailed
This is cool. In the VERY off-chance she's made playable, I'd definitely be interested in seeing how they adapt her to SF's gameplay. However, I think she, Amingo, and Sonson would all be most at home in Darkstalkers.

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