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New official screen shots of Mai Shiranui in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
- They didn't bring XBV2 westward because it's an inferior product to the first game and, already being niche, would not sell enough to justify the costs. I know it's internet-popular to be all "muh SJWs," but don't get played by marketers, please. - Mai looks great, graphics and gameplay adaptation-wise.

Atomic Hurricane Guile, Hadou Burst Ryu and... Wonder Y・O・G・A? More rejected Street Fighter 5 costume ideas
This is actually a really effin cool idea they should give every character!

Nuakan managed to rise to the seat of 'Emperor' before Sagat dethroned him, and Karin's father was ousted from the company and keeps losing to her
Now this is cool trivia. Would like to see both of them and their relationships to Sagat/Karin fleshed out.

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