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Video: Mega Man has an infinite in Super Smash Bros. Wii U that works on Villager and possibly other characters
It's kinda like watching him exploit a Robot Master pattern to defeat it.

Mike Ross vs. Combofiend: the 1st Street Fighter 5 real match - watch the stage demo from Capcom Cup 2014 again
Side note; Ono in the Charlie costume kills me. Quick note as I'm sure more eagle-eyed and well-rested peeps will break it down: Chip damage from specials look significant bigger than in SF4. And in addition to that, it looks like normals chip while leaving recoverable grey life like absorbing an attack with Focus in SF4?

Charlie Nash joins the fray in Street Fighter 5 - third character to be announced for Capcom's new fighting juggernaut
OH CRAP YOU'RE RIGHT Gill also has it: Very interesting.

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