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Rejected Street Fighter 5 stage concepts shared; Kanzuki Estate rooftop, bath house, and more
I say screw it, make every stage a part of Karin's house. Yes, even the Shadoloo base.

New official screen shots of Mai Shiranui in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
- They didn't bring XBV2 westward because it's an inferior product to the first game and, already being niche, would not sell enough to justify the costs. I know it's internet-popular to be all "muh SJWs," but don't get played by marketers, please. - Mai looks great, graphics and gameplay adaptation-wise.

Atomic Hurricane Guile, Hadou Burst Ryu and... Wonder Y・O・G・A? More rejected Street Fighter 5 costume ideas
This is actually a really effin cool idea they should give every character!

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