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Like Mike? Like Dudley? A... Hamburger?! Capcom show off a bunch of potential costumes Balrog might've gotten in Street Fighter 5
Unless I'm mistaken, it'd be a (weird) reference to the kid he rescued in SF4.

I wish someone would look at me the way LI Joe looks at Urien in Street Fighter 5...
Joe has long professed his adoration for Urien not just as a character, be because Urien represents a fond period in Joe's life from when 3S was the prime SF game. If anything's as genuine as genuine can be (Would he have been that amped up at home? Did being in a hype crowd impact it? Does it matter?), it's that reaction.

Balrog costumes revealed, Juri and Urien artwork; new Karin Summer stage and outfit also unveiled and coming this Friday
One word: Sling.

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