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Harada: 'We're trying to make Tekken 7 easy to approach, a lot of fans skipped over TTT2 because it was too difficult to learn 2 characters'
As someone generally unfamiliar with Tekken, TTT2 was a lot of fun. :( I'm all for accessibility, but I hope they can get any changes right.

Updated: Full-length cinematic trailer added, Lars confirmed for Tekken 7 - more details from Comic-Con
Finally, now the real star of Tekken can get their time to have their epic story told. I speak, of course, of Gon.

Google purchases Twitch for $1 billion, reports say deal now confirmed
Mike "$1 Billion" Ross strikes again! Probably won't change much. Optional Google account linking (after they try to to force it on us, natch). Maybe Google starts sponsoring? g-Sports.

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