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Street Fighter 5's beta has 'a number of different characters' to play, Ono says online will have much for casual fans to enjoy
I can't imagine the betas would have less characters than the "E3 and Elsewhere" build, if not the full final roster. Re: Online for casuals - I sense a number of "For Fun" modes, not a bad thing.

Capcom discusses Street Fighter 5's roster and selection process, users will only need to own one disc
I didn't really dislike any of the SF4 newcomers except Seth, so I'm excited to see who comes in brand new for SF5.

'We want Karin in Street Fighter 5!' - Justin Wong, Ricki Ortiz, K-Brad, PR Balrog, and Mago all want the Alpha 3 fighter to return
And? SF wouldn't be where it is today without casual fans. The vast majority of people who lay hands on SF won't play at tournament level. Their desires are suddenly null and void? Further, why is tournament competitiveness the only measuring stick, apparently? Formerly viable characters in SF4 may well come into SF5 and turn out to fall flat on their faces when it comes to high-level potential. We don't know how Capcom will adapt ...

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