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Is Infiltration the newest member of Team Razer?
Wow, that went completely over your head. While you were so busy bringing up America not winning an Evo and trying to correct someone on which countries have won Evo, you completely missed that he was referring to RZR's players, and not all Evo champs. Fuudo, Xian, and hopefully Infiltration are all Evo champs and from different countries (Japan, Singapore, Korea).

'Rashid is super easy to pick up; Karin has a learning curve' - Street Fighter 5 impressions from Destructoid
Her command dash somewhat reminds me of Guy's Run Stop pressure and follow ups. And I'm sure the execution required for Karin's dash and follow ups are far easier to do than the nearly frame perfect stops required with Guy. I think the real question is, how safe is she after these follow ups? If all or most of her follow ups, including just staying neutral after the dash leaves her at a big disadvantage, ...

Karin's V-Skill is worth spamming, but not meant for dealing with projectiles - Hands-on impressions at TGS 2015
While most of her rekka follow ups don't drain her V-Trigger, it has already been proven that her feint or dodge moved from her rekka DOES drain the V-Trigger, and it drains a significant amount. Vesper has a pretty detailed in depth explanation in his video on Karin.

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