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Xiao Hai: 'I began training for KOF13 in March 2014; Xian's Gen and Dakou's Gen are on the same level' - 4Gamer's post-EVO interview
I didn't get to see much of KOF this year, but I don't remember seeing Reynald, Bala or Romance anywhere. Did they go this year? And was MadKOF the only Cafeid member to go? Because if so, then I can't help but think that this years result would have been vastly different had they attended.

Killer Instinct Season 2 to add 'Aerial Recapture' to combo system and new interface; TJ Combo screenshots
So TJ Combo went from being Balrog to Abel? Ok.

EX Run/Stop absorbs hits like Red Focus, lethal option selects, and more - watch MeKtOuB's 30,000 BP Guy in these incredible higlights
Awesome video, I saw this when he posted it over on the Guy forums on SRK. I look forward to seeing more from this Guy (awful pun intended).

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