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This user joined EventHubs on January 24, 2012.
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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
King Dedede
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USF4 with characters: [u'Gouken', u'Oni']
I disagree that Oni wins this matchup. Gouken's zoning and ability to keep Oni out is extremely effective, and with Gouken getting so many buffs and Oni losing 50hp as well as damage/stun on his LK Slash, Gouken does better in this matchup in Ultra. Oni still absolutely devastates Gouken when he gets in, but it's very, very hard for him to get in. I'd say it's 6/4 Gouken at neutral and 6/4 Oni when ...

USF4 with characters: [u'Oni', u'Zangief']
I do not think this matchup is in Oni's favor. Most people seem to, but I think that stems from an incorrect assumption that "Oni is like Ryu with more damage and command normals". Oni cannot pressure Gief like he does other characters, due to LK Slash being -2 on block (and thus punishable by SPD or Ultra 1). With this pressure completely negated from his gameplay in this matchup, Oni must rely on Zoning. ...

USF4 with characters: [u'Elena', u'Oni']
When Elena crouches (down-back), she CANNOT be hit by Oni's stepkick. This is a really annoying and stupid bug and it honestly just boggles my mind as to how to best/most effectively play Oni without the use of one of his signature moves. Elena seems to out footsie Oni and seems able to harass him well at neutral -- he might be able to contend better if he could actually StepKick her, but until that ...

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