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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
King Dedede
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Kazunoko and Pepeday list their top 4 characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4 v1.04 - Daigo feels Yun is no longer top 10
Ibuki has always been awake, she made a pot of Folgers and drank two cups before Ultra was released. Now everyone else is finally waking up.

USF4 with characters: [u'Oni', u'Zangief']
As of the 1.04 LP Greenhand nerf to Gief and the buff to Oni's damage, I'm giving Oni the edge over Gief again :)

USF4 with characters: [u'Gouken', u'Oni']
I disagree that Oni wins this matchup. Gouken's zoning and ability to keep Oni out is extremely effective, and with Gouken getting so many buffs and Oni losing 50hp as well as damage/stun on his LK Slash, Gouken does better in this matchup in Ultra. Oni still absolutely devastates Gouken when he gets in, but it's very, very hard for him to get in. I'd say it's 6/4 Gouken at neutral and 6/4 Oni when ...

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