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The Nintendo Power guide to Street Fighter 2 Turbo is a blast from the past
Though I had the game I dont think I saw this issue. For shame. Takes me back though. Ouside of the images for covers, I sometimes wondered why they wouldnt just use the original art by Bengus, Kinu, or Akiman. Some of these are rips of the original artwork. Check out the official art for Balrog and the one in this magazine. Bottom half just about the same.

Think rollbacks in Street Fighter 5 are bad? What if they happened in real life...
I sometimes feel ppl dont realize how much better online has gotten since SF4. I live in Japan, and now when I play my buddies in California, its 4 bars with little lag! I have a fiber optic connection so that definitely has something to do with it. But I had fiber optic during SF4 too. To be fair, Japan is a small country compared to the USA. Even so, I play against ppl in ...

Smash 4 beats out Brawl to become the best selling Smash title of all time
I guess Im taking it from my own experience which might be closer to casual. I used to play Melee a lot back in college and I have the 3ds and Wii U version of Smash4. I didnt really feel there was too much of a difference when I would pick characters I used in Melee. Whereas with SF2 to SF3, you get an almost completely different roster, dashes, parries, etc really change the flow ...

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