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Supers were considered 'cheap' and 'dumb' by many initially during the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo era, how perceptions changed over time
Interesting. I remember back in the day, people would claim throwing was cheap. I had never heard of Supers being cheap though. I wasnt in top player circles in '94 so maybe thats why.

Street Fighter 5 has an average input lag of 6.5 now according to Display Lag's initial draft test
Cant wait till they get it down to -5. A new meaning for a good "read".

He's got great damage, neutral game and mix ups, but he might not make the top tier club; Urien breakdown from WSO stream
Wow, wasnt his M.kick a cross-up in 3s? And his crouching H.punch elbow cant be used as an anti-air?! Im still gonna use FM to get him but....jeezus I was hyped for Juri and was disappointed... please not Urien too...

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