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Are Zangief and King of Dinosaurs secretly the same character? A comparison of move sets yields some stunning results
Wasnt it confirmed that KOD is Tizoc/Griffon? Im more interested to see Zangiefs normals pre-1999 GMOTW. If the normals are a rip off 90s Zangief, its not the first time SNK has done this. *cough* Ryo, Robert, Ash, etc. *cough*

Mika too sexy for ESPN? Fuudo forced to change character costume for EVO finals
America makes no sense

Capcom fixed bugs for over half of Street Fighter 5 characters in the latest update
Im so glad that V.T. DP for Ken was fixed(nerfed?). The ridiculousness of him being free to do another DP on whiff or block I thought was too powerful.

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