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He's got great damage, neutral game and mix ups, but he might not make the top tier club; Urien breakdown from WSO stream
Wow, wasnt his M.kick a cross-up in 3s? And his crouching H.punch elbow cant be used as an anti-air?! Im still gonna use FM to get him but....jeezus I was hyped for Juri and was disappointed... please not Urien too...

It's back! Urien sheds his suit to reveal the classic Third Strike costume in Street Fighter 5
And to think they censored Juri. Urien is officially showing off the most skin in this game. Makes Juri`s censoring look even more meaningless. Urien should be that character that shuts ppl up when the next time they rant about a female character showing off too much skin.

Xian, Daigo and Justin Wong were all eliminated in pools at Japan Cup; Is consistency becoming an issue in Street Fighter 5?
Gotta give more credit to the ppl who beat them. There are a lot of unknown killers in Japan. Not everyone has the money to travel to other countries to enter tourneys or is sponsored.

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