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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round game play footage featuring new characters, new hairstyles and new costumes!
I like disliked characters... So maybe we'll click. Either way I bought a bajillion versions of gg and sf, in the past, as well as other games. So I'll grab this too. Plus I wanna start using my ps4 more anyway

Suicune, Pikachu, and Gardevoir confirmed playable in Pokkèn Tournament - arcade cabinet will use controller instead of fightstick
What, no Electrode?! This is BS.

New Smash tech! How to attack while holding an item! ...and yes, that means Diddy just got better... again
Yes sir! Dk just lacks popularity and isn't an easier win so he gets low votes. Idk if bum plays sm4sh but Will has already shown some of his capabilities on more than one occasion. Dk can be scary this time. People are too quick to judge.

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