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Hungrybox doesn't die, Mango doesn't lose and Leffen doesn't finish his match; highlights from this weekend's Press Start Smash tournament
Some "god"...

Greninja can score 96% on Bowser in one combo, but that's only one of gems found in this creative combo video by KarinaBunny
As if greninjas nerfs were ever a problem. All they did was fix him... He's still top 10 it's just that nobody uses him so it has yet to be proven in a tournament.

Leffen's rise to the top level of Melee detailed in this highlight reel of him beating the 5 'gods' - Mango, PPMD, Armada, Hungrybox and Mew2King
Thank you But wow! He's one of the big 3 now? I never would have expected that back when I use to watch melee all the time. That's pretty awesome, good for him.

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