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Ryu secretly the strongest character in Smash 4? ZeRo makes a very compelling argument
How is that a secret? Sheik Bayonetta Zss Ryu 3 get nerfed, one survives. Guess what that means. Most people considered him top 5. I haven't seen the video but I hope he's not trying to play guru prophecy.

Luffy goes on a Mika massacre at Kakutop League... what does this mean for Street Fighter 5's most debated character?
It's comments like the ones in this post that make me wanna leave this site. So many misinformed, salty, unintelligent fools throwing around words they have no idea how to use properly or know little about like "negative/positive" or "braindead". Maybe it would matter a little bit more if more than 3 of the 50+ commenters had actually tried Mika. "Braindead"... LOL

Guy and Yun's Street Fighter 5 design cards shown off by Capcom in new character profiles
Guy worries me because I'd love to see the return of maki. Though they could nash her up.

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