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Pichu was designed to be the worst character in Melee, but EventHubs readers disagree; see translated developer notes on Melee's 'weakest character'
What? Kirby isn't the worst in smash 4...

Polls: Should Miis and custom moves be banned from Super Smash Bros. 4 tournaments?
Miis should be allowed with any of their 3 moves. Custom moves should be completely banned. I say this because the miis are different in a sense that they don't have their original intended moveset on 1111. For custom moves on smash bros characters they are variations of their original moves. But for miis it was just randomly ordered "pick one of 3" And no you can't say "but palutenas customs are different" because she ...

DreamHack London 2015 results featuring Valmaster, Luffy, Ryan Hart, Armada
People like you are disgusting and detrimental to the growth of the fgc.

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