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Beowulf's in-game premier, Eliza bringing out a skeleton to fight, and Big Band combos galore: Check out the latest Skullgirls action
It does seems as if hes arrogant but you can tell he puts a lot into the game. Sometimes his decision making regarding balance and other things causes eyebrows to rise.

Jugs of death: Orchid shows No Mercy in live action Killer Instinct skit
There's literally no need for people to get butthurt. This video is a parody and the people acting are completely within character. Orchid always used sex to win/get what she wanted and just because the person using her is in character, doesn't mean Ehubs is downplaying women and people should be offended. Grow up, sex sells.

Conan O'Brien plays Street Fighter on massive 72ft high stadium screen: Clueless Gamer ft. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
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