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Daigo unsure if Street Fighter 5 will still be played next year; says he's not ready for EVO, focusing more on Capcom Cup
Good. Let this wannabe game die so that other fighters like KOF & Tekken get more of the spotlight.

Capcom tried to distance itself from SF3 with Street Fighter 4, bring back SF2's players - did they succeed?
Actually, fighting games were still going after SF was put on a hiatus. Saying that SF IV revived the genre is a fallacy. It only revived SF in general.

King of Fighters 14 set to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive
What's the point of putting genres such as fighting games & JRPG's on Xbox consoles when most of them doesn't even sell on those platforms anyway? It's a waste of time & money. Not only that, but PlayStation consoles have always had the largest fighting game community in comparison to Xbox platforms.

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