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Fulgore needs a big nerf in Killer Instinct, Iron Galaxy wants your opinion on what they should do
Why not just make it so you can't have both projectiles out at the same time?

Mortal Kombat X's Kombat Pack includes 4 characters and a lot of alternate skins
Could you please tell us where you got that value from? Regardless I can't understand how much fanboy-ism can cloud people's judgement so much. The publishers are chopping content out of your game and selling it to you DAY FREAKIN 1! You can't pre-order our game PAY FOR GORO! You can't afford the Kombat Pack YOU DO NOT GET THESE SKINS AND 4 CHARACTERS! Why does this practice continue? I'm sure that's easily found in ...

Killer Instinct: Season 2 release date announced! Will include a revamped interface, Killer Instinct Classic 2, more on October 15th
So what's the price for owners of Season 1? Is it really $40 more?

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