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Bandai Namco's newest anime-based fighting game is HOT; watch the brand new trailer for 'One Piece: Burning Blood'
Why cant we get a new bleach fighting game instead :-( one piece had a game out not too long ago...?

Vega joins the Street Fighter 5 roster
9 spaces down, 7 to go (apparently) 3 new characters Plus maybe Akuma, Juri, Alex and Blanka? If I had to guess

'We want Karin in Street Fighter 5!' - Justin Wong, Ricki Ortiz, K-Brad, PR Balrog, and Mago all want the Alpha 3 fighter to return
If they included Karin in... what if they change her into something different like they did to Birdie... time has passed? Although it seems Karin is more popular so who knows

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