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Jamie Lee Curtis attends EVO 2015 dressed as Vega, film actress brings Makoto, Dee Jay and Dr. B. with her
this is damn stupid, who cares about this?

'The name of the game is commitment, Street Fighter 5 is not as forgiving as Street Fighter 4' - Combofiend on the developmental approach to SF5
This is the first time I've been happy to hear from capcom. I think most fighting games like to go the route of comeback mechanics and gimmicks now. There are too many tools for new players for every fighting game to be made easier so that its more accessible. I loved KOFXIII for this and hopefully I will love SF5 for this. Now if we can just stop making all the black characters look goofy ...

Street Fighter 5 will be playable at the BET Experience in Los Angeles
Am I the only one who thinks with this game having one black character so far (and who is fat and ugly compared to everyone else) this might be a bad idea? I mean shouldnt we get one cool black representative for this to be playable at the BET experience?

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