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Juli's memories have been erased several times, Santamu tries her best not to wound her opponents - These two Dolls feature in the latest SF5 profiles
They give the African girl tribal paint and a spear.....

Urien, Juri and Balrog will all be playable in Street Fighter 5's story mode, zenny system axed - Details on June's upcoming mode from Capcom here
I love as how the story mode is listed as "free DLC" it's like they are trying to pat themselves on the back for giving us the rest of the game for free. Their unlocking model would work for me if the premium costumes were unlockable with fight money too

'If we had more features ready at launch, [Street Fighter 5] probably would've been better received' - Ono responds to SF5 launch critics
This seems like a big duh, they were too busy rushing this game out, they shouldnt have worried about DLC when the damn game isnt complete

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