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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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Scorpion vs. Ryu in a fiery hell fight to the death......... why are you not watching it already?
Superman could possibly beat Goku. Chun Li would beat Mai but who cares about one battle? Its just for fun little scenarios that are entertaining to watch.

Ghandi sits next to you on stream, 3 MorriDooms in your EVO pool, and more - the best of '#FGCHorrorStory'
Poison is a guy. #FGCHorrorStory

Desk's new USF4 CMV: an Akuma string that combos into his UC1, Ibuki launches her opponent backwards, extensive Dudley juggles and more
Well in reality, he would go, pick his main, and still lose. He's a combo finding lab monster. He doesn't do well in tourneys.

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