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Double perfects, relentless pressure, and lots of stun: Watch Poongko beast on the likes of Daigo, Sako, Xian, and more in this epic highlight reel
When everyone thinks he's playing Adon it's actually hydebuffy. Poongkos only been playing Cammy and Seth and he has a brand new job so he doesn't get to play much. That's why he isn't going to the cafeid major. It sucks man. :(

Nuki, the last of Japan's five fighting game gods, returning to the craft? Signs point towards yes, video featuring Nuki's Chun-Li vs. Uryo's Cody
Lol. Infiltration proved that chun li can hang with just about everyone. You must have to be patient because she out footsies almost every character in the game.

Twitch flying top players out to major FGC events to add more hype, sending Wao and Michael-tan to SCR 2014
Brolylegs is no where near their skill. I know that you bring hype but these players are some of the best in the world.

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