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Capcom: Effective play with Ken in Street Fighter 5 is about staying on top of the opponent and making them fear his options
Bc if you know how to use it, it isn't terrible.

F.A.N.G.'s poison cloud passes through projectiles, and he has several multi-hitting moves - Check out some new gameplay of SF5's latest character
Before people get scared, that same projectile has 0 hit stun and it unblockable. Its just a move that poisons you and doesn't do damage right when it hits like a normal projectile. You can walk right through it if you're willing to get poisoned.

Filipino Champ discovered a Dhalsim frame trap in Street Fighter 5 that's ridiculously easy, and incredibly devastating
Depends on the character. Characters with long range like Sim and Vega are going to have to have an anti air crush counter combo, a dp punish crush counter combo which is the same as the close frame trap crush counter combo, and then they also need a max range crush counter combo. It's gonna be about optimizing damage from every distance and situation.

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