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Wednesday Night Fights off-season episode 1 results, archive featuring Snake Eyez, ChrisG, Veloc1raptor, Smug, Chris King, and more
If you're talking about forward fierce being -2, smug does forward fierce meaty and at spacing to make it plus. And his ex duckings are unpredictable so it's hard to try to hit him out of it. People know Dudley but smug is different.

Tokido goes up against USA's Snake Eyes, Europe's Luffy - EVO 2014 off-stream Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage
At the end of the day sf4 has a cannon story and it has sf characters which are classic and recognizable. It's not just a crossover game or a game that started as a sf ripoff. Not trying to rip on other games bc I'm for every fighting game getting exposure, but imo sf4 is the perfect fighting game.

Mastering this crazy combo came in handy: Jewelman shaves off over 50% of Yun's health with 57-hit Hundred Hand Slap combo in this USF4 match
You realize it's better to not get a stun right? One more hit after that and you win bc they will get stunned without all the damage scaling... Great game is right.

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