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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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Birdie uses banana peel and boogers to extend combos, has safe V-Trigger set ups, and more: Check out this awesome Street Fighter 5 CMV
Now I'm curious if you throw a banana right behind someone, then hit them with the overhead hk, into the banana, into a combo. That would be awesome to get a combo off of overhead.

Everything wrong with Smash 4's Samus in under one minute
Up B, forward air, down air, back air, smashes, charge shot, and probably dash attack at like 200%.

Vega joins the Street Fighter 5 roster
They're trying to surprise people. This doesn't mean anything. You don't know if vega is even one of bisons henchmen anymore. So this doesn't mean Balrog and sagat have to be in it. This is one of the few 2 characters that I always thought would make it. Now I only expect sagat and akuma and maybe guile. Also, they changed vega a lot. He gets combos off of flying Barcelona attack and he has ...

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