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Street Fighter 5: Chun-Li graphical comparison, is there a connection between Charlie's teleports and Bison's Psycho Power?
Actually, the first graphics are more like SF4. It was duller like the first one. Now with the bigger sharpness and color intensity, it is less like any other SF. I just hope they keep changing it up to look cleaner and cleaner. Also, in SF4 muscles were all rigid and blocky, and now they're smooth and more like SF characters are meant to look.

Updated: Fei Long mentioned in the latest Street Fighter 5 trailer, face appears on bus advertisement
Fei longs face is also on a bus to the right when it zooms in on charlie at one point.

Killer Instinct Aganos 2.4 patch notes: Riptor loses HP Predator cancel loops, Omen's MP Auto Double fixed, and more
Seems like Riptor will finally be played how she is supposed to be played, rather than abusing unbreakables, and block infinites. I'm excited to see how Riptor really is.

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