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The Big House 5 results. Mango, Armada, Mew2King, ZeRo, Hungrybox
Ally plays Mario. Idk why it says Diddy Kong.

Karin tacks on the Rekka pressure, activates V-Trigger, and more in this glorious 60 FPS Street Fighter 5 footage
At the same time, Karin is japanese. So the game actually pronounces her name wrong. Even if it is "kareen," her last name isn't Kanzooki. Its pronounced Konz-ki. U's aren't like that in japanese unless its at the beginning of a name or word.

'I realized that I had been the person I least wanted to be' - Hungrybox talks about his Smash origins, how emotions impact his play, and more
Since when did lame mean you have to win everytime? Lame is worse than fox and falco rushdown yet he still gets wins so you should respect it.

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