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Tekken 7 shows off some of its sexy side in new update that adds costumes for playable cast
If 38/39 still is the final number, there are 10/11 slots left. Assuming Akuma was the last new entry and that Nina, Julia, Lei and Kuma/panda are abvious staple, Kuni has to compete with these returning characters... anna armor king bob jun lee miguel mokujin raven roger eddy/christie zafina Kuni is one of the most requested, I am positive

Street Fighter's Akuma joins Tekken 7 in 'Fated Retribution'
Just take a look at sales stats then, numbers never lie. Thakfully tekken can always count on Europe and Asia for those. there's a reason why Tekken still have arcade releases. Every fighting game has its own strong and weak market, Tekken's weak one unfortunately (or not) is the one where the major videogame blogs are made (gamespot, IGN,...), the biggest promo machines in the west.

Street Fighter's Akuma joins Tekken 7 in 'Fated Retribution'
T7 is actually a HUGE arcade success, Harada tweeted about how it broke every franchise record this year alone. The promo Namco did in those coutries is insane. Now, as tradition wants,it's about time to hype the west, especially North America, the only place in the World where people think Tekken is dead.

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