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Tekken 7 may allow two players to fight on the same side of the screen using interesting camera feature
I can't believe people actually think the camera will keep rotating during the match, it's just related to the starting position. Besides even high level players have preferences so this feature is a welcomed innovation especially because it's optional. And it isn't that different from the good old "choose your side" option from the classic "arcade mode", now it's just extended to online.

New character announced for Tekken 7 named Shaheen, hails from Saudi Arabia
Every character in Tekken is stereotyped and I think this is a part of its charm. I mean, can you name a single character whose nationality is not written all over his clothes?

New Tekken 7 trailer in glorious 60fps 1080p shows adjusted hit sparks, various stages and characters
Harada tweeted about details, facials, hair, dust and dirt...and this trailer is using the first location test version, so it's definitely incomplete.

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