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Updated: Gigas is Tekken 7's newest character
Tekken 3 did the same thing 18 years ago, it's the best way to replace old, stale and sometimes unpopular faces without wasting entire movesets, after all the years Namco spent working hard on those

Updated: Gigas is Tekken 7's newest character
Why? if Bruce and Marduk are out, it means less returning characters for Kuni and Jun to compete with, making their comeback more likely.

The Dead or Alive community aims to ban over 120 overly-sexualized costumes in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
So you think 3D commmunities need to grow? The games that can be released in arcades aren't 2D though. Here we go again with this US-centric mentality. 2D games aren't that popular outside of America

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