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'[Tekken X Street Fighter] is on hold at the moment' - Katsuhiro Harada notes difficulties in timing for project delays
The main hurdle is getting american non-Tekken players to pick it up since it never had problems in other regions. Tekken always had the support from Europe, and asians are keeping T7 at the top of the arcade charts since Feb-2015. The real reason behind the long wait. Anyway, Harada knows that oversaturation leads only to cannibalism, as Capcom demonstrated in the last 8 years.

Tekken 7 possibly headed to PC? Bandai Namco currently gauging fan interest via survey
The USA is literally the weakest market for Tekken. Arcade's revenue and most of console sales come from Asia and Europe respectively. That's why Namco isn't so sure about releasing on PC

Bandai Namco enlists Mark 'MarkMan' Julio as Brand and Community Advisor for Tekken
T7 is out since Q1 2015 and still is the #1 played game in the eastern emisphere. T6 and TTT2 (and T5) still have an healthy online population and Tekken is one of the few series that rely on longevity rather than frontloaded sales, this without dlc, updates or seasons. Without considering that Europe and Asia are its main markets, so it will never have that kind of HYPE that only the american media can ...

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