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'Since the voices are becoming larger, it is something that we want to think about seriously,' - Harada talks expanding Tekken 7 with DLC and more
There's only one thing worse than paid DLC, and that's gamers asking for it. But the worst part is that Tekken doesn't even need that s***t to stay alive. TTT2 online is still going strong 4 years later, without microtransactions or yearly seasons.

What do Street Fighter 5's sales numbers actually mean?
Injustice sold 400k copies in the US in its first month, underperformed in Europe and didn't even chart in Asia. 1M is what it has sold in its lifetime, at best.

'Monetization just to unlock something in the game isn't something we're thinking about' - Tekken 7 developers interview with Siliconera
I'm not hating on SF, just want to point out that not everybody wants to play the same game for a decade or sees the SFIV/DOA5 longevity a positive thing. Judging by how the Tekken community is eager to play T7, just 4 years after the last entry (that has been supported with post-elease DLC and a F2P model), I really think I'm not in the minority.

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