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Tekken 7: We'll finally get to see it running on October 3-5, arcade version will also feature online matchmaking
And when sf and mk did better than tekken exactly? Tekken saw a decline in sales when it became multiplatform, but that's compared to its standard HUGE sales. So tired to remind people that mk and tekken won this generation, while sf takes only the third place. See...tekken had a decline, yet manages to outsell its competitors... And you have to stop to treat TTT2 like a canon entry in the series and compare it ...

These were the most popular games at Summer Jam 8 - Soul Calibur 5 beat nine other titles for entrants
Surprised by these tekken numbers, considering we're talking about a 2 years old tekken game in a north american tournament...well, i guess tekken revolution did its job since it was succesful there

The most watched Evolution 2014 grand finals on YouTube is Mortal Kombat 9's side tournament, even more views than USF4 and UMvC3
Then why you'all are so surprised about this result on youtube? In America high level players choose SF as a more technical figher (EVO entrants), while casuals love to watch MK videos on streaming as a more entertaining game (youtube viewers) it's that simple. I'm only replying to those who judge the status of a fighter just by checking entrants at EVO...that's simply ridicolous

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