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Kazumi revealed for Tekken 7 - gameplay trailer, artwork and screen shots
I think people in general should stop treating TTT2 as a numbered main title, when in reality is just a SPIN-OFF, a side game made mostly for hardcore players and fan service, which sold 2M worldwide. Apparently only tekken can afford those numbers with a spin-off, please correct me if I am wrong. and for the T7 part, I won't even try.

Updated: Gigas is Tekken 7's newest character
Tekken 3 did the same thing 18 years ago, it's the best way to replace old, stale and sometimes unpopular faces without wasting entire movesets, after all the years Namco spent working hard on those

Updated: Gigas is Tekken 7's newest character
Why? if Bruce and Marduk are out, it means less returning characters for Kuni and Jun to compete with, making their comeback more likely.

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