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He didn't even use SPD: When Alex Valle overcame a terrible match up and defeated Bonchan at EVO 2015 - FGC Throwback Thursday
Great win for Valle. He showed why tiers are overrated. Here's my nomination for the next throwback match (also with Valle!): Daigo vs Valle, SoCal Regionals 2010 - Best mirror match ever, exquisite footsies, fireball spacing, comebacks and more!

Yukadon now officially sponsored by YouDeal
Congrats to Yukadon! He was just a wake up super away from beating Infiltration at Evo. I want to see a list of the top remaining free agent sfV players that need a sponsor. Make it happen Ehubs!

Which character in Street Fighter 5 has the most stylish play-style? Check out our poll results to see what you EventHubs readers said
Bwaaha, 245 votes in and 0 votes for Ryu!

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