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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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Gamerbee used Healing 21 times in his EVO showdown with Infiltration; with her unorthodox style, is Elena the best pocket character in USF4?
Great analysis. I'd like to add that elena's funky hurt box causes several moves/combos to whiff against her. She has multiple overheads and long range lows for a great grounded mixup game as well.

EVO 2015's top USF4 hopefuls featured in this wide-ranging collage
This is pretty much the best thing ever. Well done!

Has the U.S. finally reached Japan's level in Ultra Street Fighter 4? EventHubs Round Table discusses Kazunoko's CEO interview
PR Rog and Strider have beaten Daigo. Smug beat Momochi and Tokido. Snake Eyes has beat Bonchan. Dieminion has beat Fuudo and Gamerbee. Nuckledu barely beat Kazunoko. Jwong and Ricki can compete with the best. Seems like the U. S can steal matches here and there from the best but just can't win the big tourney. When the U.S wins a major, then we can talk about them having closed the skill gap. Until then, ...

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