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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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The guys that have never won one... YET! An exclusive interview with some of the 'WNF Hopefuls'
Played you several times on PSN, your Chun-Li is sick!

EX Run/Stop absorbs hits like Red Focus, lethal option selects, and more - watch MeKtOuB's 30,000 BP Guy in these incredible higlights
Really impressive play, Guy is fun to watch! Anyone know what kind of win percentage do you need to get to 5,000 PP?

Watch K-Brad get perfected by a schoolgirl twice - Great first-to-5 sets featuring K-Brad vs. Alex Myers and K-Brad vs. Veloc1raptor, SSF4AE v2012
Agreed that Alex Myers is neck and neck with ChrisG for best Sakura in the U.S. One thing that ChrisG does a little better is hit confirming into Shouken. However, I was really impressed at Alex Myers' air to air game to combat cannon strike. He used some buttons (jump back mp, jump forward lp?) that you rarely see used. Meanwhile, is there any question that Velociraptor is the best Gouken in the states ...

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