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Ken 'auto-confirm' option select discovered in Street Fighter 5 - jab doesn't special cancel on block, only on hit
The news is kind of old. It was mentioned a bit in SRK a while ago: This was a video I uploaded/brought up a while ago over at the forums there during the Beta (this was using Beta 4 files at the time... the ones present in the final version of SFV atm). Technically, the result is the same present here. Forum source:

Dhalsim's standing medium punch hitbox is... wonky in Street Fighter 5, watch it pass right through Zangief in the last beta
Two key points that the video is recorded from a cracked SFV package (mainly to those believing that that this isn't cracked beta footage): *No voice over from Sim *No status bar showing that he is searching for a ranked match (primarily biggest sign) *"...ddah" could be seen at top left corner (although, really hard to notice. At best, you can identify bottom corners of a and h in the end of the video)

No one likes to be called an online warrior, even though everybody leveled up with online play - Valle talks about network play's importance
#1 Latif came from a GG background before then and even had SBO experience... but outside that, yes, online play definitely made a huge impact for the players in every field of experience better in some way.

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