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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Street Fighter X Tekken
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Mortal Kombat 9
Past comments
Hey Nemo, which are the worst characters in USF4? Dee Jay, Dan, Hugo and... ARE YOU KIDDING? Nemo's full tier list for Ultra Street Fighter 4
"Ryu isn't a character with setups." Err... no. Any link into sweep is a safe-jump "setup" that's guaranteed free momentum (given the opponent can't punish it, and even so, there are answers to those punishing option that will be omitted atm.) So, USFIV kinda nerfed potential meter gain, momentum, and okizeme from his staple meterless bnb combo, particularly crouching or too far for Tatsu combo or in the mood of okizeme. I'd actually argue btw ...

Patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4 drops Wednesday, list of bug fixes incoming - PC netplay fix included
YES! Yun got buffed! Zenpo Tenshin: "Fixed the issue where Yun could be counter hit after active frames of the throw have already ended." Shoutouts to The Buff Yun Cause \Kappa/

Daigo goes wild with hop kicks in an Evil Ryu mirror match and Tokido drastically changes pace in this latest pair of USF4 replays
Don't want to hop on this parade, but just stating that someone with a 3-frame DP will make someone viable instantly is a poor choice of words. It's a problem that safe-jumps were constant in the previous iterations, now it's not so much of an issue like before where safe-jumps were common (unless now you have an air trajectory character.) As for auto-corrects? Even 3-frame DP's can be set bait to whiff, just not as ...

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