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Are unjust rage quit penalties happening in Street Fighter 5? Tampa Bison allegedly punished after opponent exits match early
lmao this game is such a joke good job kids you wanted to be parented? well capcom now did it lmao how pathetic I will never touch this game again what a lack respect to the consumer how dare capcom try to parent me in my game that I payed hard earned money for screw off

New Street Fighter 5 Rage Quit penalty implemented - 24 hour ban and 1000 LP loss for serial rage quitters
this is gonna destroy your game even more LOL trying to parent people gtfo capcom another reason this game is trash how disrespectful

Daigo explains why Street Fighter 5 may not last, talks about his own performance, who the current best is and more in this Daily Dot interview
more clarification this game is bland boring and has no depth its garbage

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