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Problem X: 'Seth has been nerfed beyond high level use', EventHubs exclusive interview covers Ultra changes, record against Ryan Hart and more

The weekend before last, the thrilling IVGC tournament was taking place in Cannes, France. EventHubs' very own writer MajinTenshinhan was present at the scene, and made sure to grab six different interviews, which we will publish daily during the week.

Today, we publish our fourth interview, with the English Seth player who ended up winning the Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012 tournament at the event, CG|Problem X. Below, you'll find a quick snippet of the interview.

MajinTenshinhan: First of all, congratulations on winning IVGC 2014. This was a pretty stacked tournament, where you sent both Dieminion and Popi to Losers bracket, and defeated Ryan Hart in Grand Finals. How does it feel to have won a tournament with such strong competition?

CG|Problem X: It feels amazing to have won IVGC with such strong contenders in attendance. It makes me more motivated and determined to put more work in so that I can get more results like this.

Hit the jump to read the rest of the interview, touching upon Ultra Street Fighter 4, record against fellow UK player Ryan Hart, character choices and more.

ESGN TV season 3 full results and battle logs - Xian, K-Brad, Infiltration, Ryan Hart, Sanford Kelly and more competing for $25,000

Updated results and battle logs added: Day 7/the season 3 finale is now over. You can find all results and battle logs after the jump.

ESGN TV's Fight Night Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 series continues today with the start of their third season. In the last season, RZR|Xian ended BCN|Alioune's reign of terror with an incredible comeback.

Continuing with their format, Fight Night will have 8 players competing in first-to-7 sets with up to $25,000 up for grabs.

We here at EventHubs will provide live results each day that the live stream airs, so be sure to tune in. Hit the jump for results and battle logs.

Dieminion: 'This could very well be the year a US player wins EVO', EventHubs exclusive interview covers Guile changes, new titles, US scene and more

The weekend before last, the thrilling IVGC tournament was taking place in Cannes, France. EventHubs' very own writer MajinTenshinhan was present at the scene, and made sure to grab six different interviews, which we will publish daily during the week.

Today, we publish our third interview, with USA's East Coast superstar EMP|Dieminion. Below, you'll find a quick snippet of the interview.

MajinTenshinhan: Let's get straight to the subject that's on everybody's mind lately. What do you think about the changes to your character, Guile, in the current build of Ultra Street Fighter 4?

EMP|Dieminion: Well, I played him quiite extensively today, here in France. He seems more complete than he's ever been. I think the one change I would've liked is his crouching medium kick to be FADC cancellable. Not saying that I want it special cancellable, just able to be focus cancelled.

Because, as it is now, I feel like it's still very susceptible to Focus Attacks, which is probably his main weakness. Add to that, he doesn't have a complete answer to certain characters' focus attacks. But I think that if it were focus cancellable, it would be a much better tool to have in his arsenal.

Other than that, he's fine. If you don't safejump properly when he's using Ultra 1, you're going to get hit, stuff like that makes him a really good character, so I'm liking the changes a lot so far.

Hit the jump to read the rest of our interview with Dieminion.

Reminder to show the scene love - support tournaments, websites, content creators and more of the FGC

It's easy to find things to complain about in the fighting game community, I too often do this myself — when thinking about what could be better, and what I'd like to see more of from our scene.

Sometimes in life, you get so caught up with what you don't have, that you don't see what you DO have.

We have a scene where people devote rather insane amounts of hours to make tournaments, websites, YouTube videos and other things happen.

We all see flaws in these things, and want them to get better, but sometimes we get so ticked off — that we forget how awesome it is to have them in the first place.

As such, I'm asking for a call to action from the FGC. Please find some of the things you enjoy about our scene and offer your support/kind words.

Support can be anything positive you can contribute back. From a Tweet/Facebook post telling your friends about a tournament, website, forum post, YouTube video, to attending local events/gatherings/tournaments, and so much more.

Hit the jump to continue reading.

Bala: 'I like games where you can't afford to blink', EventHubs exclusive interview covers KoF around the world, interest in Marvel and more

The weekend before last, the thrilling IVGC tournament was taking place in Cannes, France. EventHubs' very own writer MajinTenshinhan was present at the scene, and made sure to grab six different interviews, which we will publish daily during the week.

Today, we publish our second interview, with Mexican King of Fighters superstar Bala. The interview covers Bala's relative absence during 2013, what other fighting games he's interested in playing, who he believes are the five best King of Fighters players in the world and more.

Below, you'll find a quick snippet of the interview.

MajinTenshinhan: You became a household name in the FGC after your incredible performance at, and leading up to, EVO 2012. After that, you disappeared from the scene a bit, and due to complications couldn't attend EVO 2013. Do you think that you'll be showing up to more international events in 2014?

Bala: I kind of stopped playing for a bit. I was living in the US for 4 years, I went there for work, but in doing so, I had to leave my family behind. So after 4 years, after EVO, I went back to my family in Mexico, and I started living with my wife and son, and I stopped playing for a little bit. 2013 was a good year for me, because I started playing again in Mexico, and I learned a lot of things, so my gameplay got better.

After I started winning every tournament in Mexico, I went to Peru to play a tournament and to play money matches. I lost in the tournament, but I won every money match in Peru, so I think that, this being the beginning of the year, I'm going to start playing a little bit again. But it's harder now, since I have my family, and I need to take care of them.

Hit the jump to read the rest of what Bala had to share.

Luffy: 'My gameplan works really well against Mago's gameplan', EventHubs exclusive interview covers Rose changes, KoF progress, Mago rivalry and more

The weekend before last, the thrilling IVGC tournament was taking place in Cannes, France. EventHubs' very own writer MajinTenshinhan was present at the scene, and made sure to grab six different interviews, which we will publish daily during the week.

Today, we publish our first interview, with France's premier Rose player, Luffy. The interview covers Luffy's thoughts on Rose's preliminary changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4, his experience with ESGN Fight Night, his progress as of late in King of Fighters 13, why he's able to beat MCZ|Mago in tournament so often and more.

Below, you'll find a quick snippet of the interview.

MajinTenshinhan: Last time we spoke, you made it clear that you're planning to stick with Rose as your character. There are two particular changes to Rose I'd like to ask your opinion on. What do you think about her EX Drill no longer being throw invincible, and what do you think about the Ultra 2 getting increased recovery? If there are any other Rose changes you'd like to comment on, feel free.

Luffy: In Ultra Street Fighter 4, I will be sticking with Rose, since she's been my main for 5 years now. She's gotten some changes, and also, the game mechanic changes with delayed wakeup will help her in the vortex matchups and matchups where there are ambiguous crossup setups.

Regarding the change to EX Spiral, making it throwable, I'm really against it. I think that now, people will just walk up and grab, and not take any risk by doing so. Knowing that, they will play more with frame traps and stuff like that, because they know that I won't be doing EX Spiral like I do now. I really hope that they'll revert this change.

As for the added recovery frames on Ultra 2, I don't think that it's a major change, I actually don't think it'll change anything at all. Because whenever you active Ultra 2, you're fullscreen, or at least pretty far away from your opponent, so they won't really be able to punish you for it. Maybe doing a combo, FADC, Ultra 2 won't work. We'll see if it still works in combos.

Hit the jump to read the rest of the interview.

Capcom and Twitch announce new fighting game league called Capcom Pro Tour

Capcom has announced this morning that they joining forces with Twitch to begin running a year-long fighting game league known as the Capcom Pro Tour. This will include premiere events involving some of the most recognizable tournament organizers in the fighting game community, trade shows, and online tournaments.

Using a series of automatic placements and points, these tournaments will determine which 16 players compete at the Capcom Cup grand finals in December of this year. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 will be the primary game featured here, but Capcom will transition into Ultra Street Fighter 4 once it is released.

Qualifying for the Capcom Cup can be achieved one of two ways: Winning a premiere event, and accumulating points via ranking events. Winning a premiere event will grant you an instant spot on the Capcom Cup line up. All premiere events will be streamed by Capcom Fighters.

Hit the jump to check out the list of events, the official Capcom Pro Tour trailer, and more.

Hide tournament results on EventHubs, avoid spoilers

We've just launched a new feature for EventHubs which lets you hide tournament results by default, and then toggle another option to view them on and off in our stories.

Hiding tournament results by default requires you to have an EventHubs account.

If you'd like to hide results, edit your profile and look for the Hide tournament results in stories: checkbox under Privacy Settings, down at the bottom of the page. Simply check the box and save your changes and you're set.

Once you've done that, any future stories we do which have tournament results after the jump will be hidden, until you click the option to unhide them. You'll have to be logged into your EHubs account, though.

Note that this does NOT impact headlines, comments, tweets and the like, but generally we don't have spoilers in our titles until we start adding match footage from events, usually a day, or several days after the fact.

If you'd like to try this new feature out (and have enabled the option in your profile), you can hit the jump, as we've posted some fake results for our users to mess around with.

Watch the tiers stocks rise and fall: New index page for SSF4 AE v2012 tiers launched

We're very happy to officially unveil our new tiers index page for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012.

On this section, you can track the daily changes for each member of the roster, see the top 10 best/worst match-ups, and quite a bit more.

Similar to a stocks tracking page, you'll find a the biggest gains and losses in overall scores for the day, week and month — all constantly updated.

As you can see on the page, after BCN|Alioune's performance in ESGN Fight Night with Juri, that character saw the biggest gains in the last 24 hours, rising +0.12.

Keep in mind with this new index page, you can chart the tier progress of all 39 characters in SSF4 AE v2012 on a daily basis.

If you have any feedback on this change, please leave it below in the comments.

Updated: ESGN TV's Fight Night season 2 full results and battle logs - $25,000 up for grabs

Updated: Results and battle logs for Fight Night season 2 can be found in this story.

ESGN TV returns today with season 2 of their Fight Night Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 series. Last season, we witnessed a slew of great bouts, and you can check out all of the results here.

This time around, 8 competitors will once again be taking place in numerous first-to-seven sets, and the match ups will be decided by the spin of a wheel. Infiltration (season 1 winner), RZR|Xian, Ryan Hart, and BCN|Alioune will be returning from the first season. Newcomers EMP|Sanford Kelly, Laugh, CCG|Chi-Rithy, and FNEX|K-Brad will be joining in on the fight as well.

Much like last season, we here at EventHubs will provide live results, so be sure to follow along with us to catch all of the action.

The live stream, and results can be found after the jump.

Updated: Edition select will not work in ranked, offline-only; Capcom reveals USF4 option that lets you select characters from past versions

Updated: Capcom's latest Saikyo Blog has confirmed that the edition select option will be an offline-only function. It specifically mentions that players will not be able to take part in ranked matches, or other online versus modes using characters from the past.

Earlier: It was revealed at SoCal Regionals 2014 that a new option will be available to players in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Players are given the choice to choose what version of their favorite characters they want to play.

This newly unveiled option will bring back powerful versions of characters such as Vanilla Sagat, Arcade Edition Yun, and more. All characters from each version of Street Fighter 4 can be selected. The different versions are as follows:

• Street Fighter 4
• Super Street Fighter 4
• Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
• Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012
• Ultra Street Fighter 4

Hit the jump to check out the brand new trailer.

SoCal Regionals 2014 results, stream archive ft. Infiltration, Justin Wong, Gamerbee, ChrisG, Wao, Michael-tan, PR Balrog & more

Story updated with final results: We've updated this story with final results from SCR 2014, including battle logs and other notes, plus stream archives. Hit the jump to view them.

SoCal Regionals 2014 is kicking off today, and will be running from February 28 - March 2 in Irvine, California. This event is going to be huge with 20 tournament games, and a slew of amazing players in attendance.

Players expected to compete include Infiltration, EG|Justin Wong, AVM|Gamerbee, NYChrisG, EG|PR Balrog, Filipino Champ, FNEX|K-Brad, Wao, YBK|Michael-tan, CCG|Chi-Rithy, EG|fLoE, Knives, CTRL|RayRay, MMG|ApologyMan, BT|Angelic, EMP|NuckleDu, EG|Ricky Ortiz, Snake Eyez, NGL|Chris, iPeru, NGL|Marq Teddy, FRQ|Filipin0man, Damdai, and many others.

Additionally, SCR will be holding an Ultra Street Fighter 4 location test that is open to attendees. A special exhibition is also taking place this weekend, featuring Infiltration, EG|Justin Wong, EG|PR Balrog, AVM|Gamerbee, Chris King, Snake Eyez, Wao, and YBK|Michael-tan.

Hit the jump to check out the results, battle logs, event schedule and more.

Winter Brawl 8 results, stream archive and battle logs ft. Justin Wong, GamerBee, IFC Yipes, Dieminion, Sanford Kelly and more

Updated with final results: This story has been updated with final results for multiple games.

Big E Gaming is kicking off the 8th installment of their Winter Brawl tournament series today in Essington, Pennsylvania. The event will run from February 21 - 23; the stream is currently live with casuals, and the tournament will begin soon.

The games being played at this major include Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Soul Calibur 5, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, King of Fighters 13, Persona 4 Arena, and BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.

AVM|GamerBee, EG|Justin Wong, EG|Ricky Ortiz, EMP|IFC Yipes, FNEX|K-Brad, EMP|Sanford Kelly, EMP|Dieminion, CTRL|RayRay, CTRL|Flux, PIE|Zeus, XAN|DJ Huoshen, BIFU|Winrich, EG|fLoE, TA|Moons, AG|Native Impact, RG|Rico Suave, BIFU|Insaynne, EMP|JRosa, DSC|Veloc1raptor, RPD|Alex Smith, AG|Demon Hyo, AG|LuckyD, TS|Footblat and many more are expected to compete this weekend.

Today, the team tournaments for SSF4 AE v2012, UMvC3, Killer Instinct, and Injustice will be taking place. Hit the jump to check out the live video feed.

Tier list evolution: See how SSF4 AE v2012's characters are changing over time - EventHubs preview

Today we're showing off a new feature for our tier listings that TheUncharted has been hard at work on, displaying the daily/weekly/monthly changes to the character's overall match-up scores for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012.

When we launch our new tier index page for SSF4 AE v2012, you'll be able to see a full breakdown of all of the characters — and you'll easily be able to chart how they've changed in recent times.

Tiers never stay static, and just as Oni, Evil Ryu and Gen have all seen rises in power in regards to tier listings in recent memory — our new index page will reflect that. Here's a preview, see the entire breakdown by clicking this image below.

Click image for full breakdown

Hit the jump to see more.

Diddy Kong announced as next returning character in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

The official Super Smash Bros. website updated earlier, and revealed that Diddy Kong will be playable in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. Diddy makes a return from the last title in the series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Below are a few images to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump for Diddy's official artwork, and a couple of 3DS screens.

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