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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Edition Select still offline-only, has save/reload state and Network Simulation; hits retailers August 7 in Japan

Updated: Upon closer scrutiny, it appears that Ultra Street Fighter 4's Edition Select is still an offline-only mode. We previously had a small error in translation that has since been fixed.

Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu has more than just a look at Decapre, Rolento, Elena, Hugo and Poison's alternate costumes in its latest issue.

The gaming publication also revealed that the packaged retail version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 will come out in Japan on August 7 at the price of 3,990 yen (4,309 yen with tax included) -- as well as the scoop on some very spiffy new features: a save/reload feature and a Network Simulation option in Training mode.

Check out the Famitsu scans below, and hit the jump to read more about the new Training mode tools.

Click images for larger versions

Why did T. Hawk drop in the rankings? Major additions to tiers help answer that question and more

We've just launched some major additions to our tiers here on EventHubs.

The first thing you'll notice right off is we now list the top 10 gains and losses for all of the games currently in our tiers, which are SSF4 AE v2012 and BlazBlue CP.

One of the biggest new features is now you can track how every single match up in every game has changed — or is currently changing.

So if you see that T. Hawk has dropped several points in our rankings, you can click through to find out why.

Our tier listings are now updated every hour, so if a character gets hot in a tournament, you'll be able to chart their rise (or fall) and see which match ups they're gaining or losing ground in.

Hit the jump to continue reading.

Topanga World League results, standings, battle logs and more, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012 round robin tournament

Updated: This story has been updated with final results, standings and battle logs for all days of Topanga World League.

Reminiscent of last year's Topanga Asia League, this year a league featuring global players is being run. Topanga World League features top players MCZ|Daigo, RZR|Fuudo, Bonchan, wao, Infiltration, Qanba|Xiao Hai, EG|PR Balrog and RZR|Xian battling it out for a massive prize of 1,500,000 yen ($14,769) to the winner.

Hit the jump to check out current standings, battle logs and more.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 full change list for Japanese arcade release

Updated with complete change list: We've translated all of the changes for the Japanese arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Today, a full change log for the arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 was released onto the net, on the USF4 Nesica site.

It detailed changes for all of the returning characters in the game, along with system mechanic alterations.

EventHubs' own MajinTenshinhan and KarbyP provided translations for the community. Hit the jump to view the complete breakdown.

Fulgore now playable in Killer Instinct, patch adds arcade mode and more

Showing up a little earlier the anticipated, the Killer Instinct team released a new update for the game today which makes Fulgore playable.

The update is a 6.8 gigabyte download, and Fulgore will be selectable if you own the $20 or more editions of Killer Instinct.

The update also adds Arcade Mode and online lobbies into the mix, featuring eight player rooms and spectating functionality.

We've transcribed notes straight from the development team on how Fulgore plays, and some strategies you can employ with him.

You can find Fulgore's reveal trailer after the jump, if you haven't seen it already.

Updated: Charizard and Greninja revealed as playable, Zero Suit Samus, Sheik and Yoshi return; Super Smash Bros. 3DS releases this Summer

Updated again: The final portion of the Nintendo Direct feed revealed that Charizard and Greninja will be the two newest playable characters.

Sakurai revealed that Zero Suit Samus and Sheik will return as separate playable characters on the roster. He noted that no characters will be able to change form in this iteration of Smash Bros. (i.e. Samus/Zero Suit Samus and Zelda/Sheik). Yoshi is also returning as a playable character.

Earlier: Series creator Masahiro Sakurai stated during the Nintendo Direct stream that Super Smash Bros. 3DS will be released this Summer. The Wii U version will be released at a later date, some time during the Winter of this year.

According to Sakurai, the 3DS version will run at 60 FPS. He notes that some of the Pokemon will move at 30 FPS, but the characters will always run at 60.

Additionally, the 3DS version stages will each have two themes. The Wii U version will differ in that it will let you choose between a ton of past Smash themes.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for more details from the Nintendo Direct feed, and the stream archive.

Texas Showdown 2014 results, battle logs and stream archives ft. Justin Wong, PR Balrog, ChrisG, K-Brad, Noel Brown, and more

Updated: This story has been updated with final results for Texas Showdown 2014.

Texas Showdown 2014 kicks off today in Houston, Texas, and will run from April 4 - 6. A myriad of games will be played this weekend, and this tournament marks the next stop of the Capcom Pro Tour 2014.

EG|Justin Wong, EG|PR Balrog, EG|K-Brad, GG|NYChrisG, UVG|Noel Brown, MLSwear, AB|Joe Love, AB|Nashfan. AB|Chaotix, WTHamad, and more are expected to compete this weekend.

Additionally, Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be available at the event for public testing. A special USF4 exhibition will also be taking place on Sunday, before the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 finals.

If you'd like to follow along with the matches, you can find the brackets over on the Texas Showdown Challonge page.

Hit the jump to check out the live streams.

Kenneth 'K-Brad' Bradley joins team Evil Geniuses

It was announced today by CoolGrayAJ over on Twitter that Kenneth "K-Brad" Bradley is now the newest member of Team Evil Geniuses.

K-Brad has made a name for himself by proving he is a very strong Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 player. Most recently, the top level Cammy player took home 1st place at SoCal Regionals 2014, defeating the EVO 2012 champion, Infiltration, in the grand finals.

The new Evil Geniuses member stated that he is happy to be a part of the team, and gives credit to Justin Wong for making it happen. "Over the years, I've become good friends with the EG players, most especially Justin Wong, whom I would credit in getting me here in the first place," K-Brad says. "I am truly thankful to have great teammates like Eduardo, Ricky and Justin. I couldn't be any happier if I tried.”

K-Brad joins fellow Street Fighter players Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, PR Balrog, Momochi, and Choco Blanka on the team.

Hit the jump to check out Justin and Ricky's personal statements on the addition of K-Brad, and CoolGrayAJ's tweet.

Topanga World League announced ft. Daigo, Wao, PR Balrog, Xian, Infiltration, and more; April 10-13

It has been officially revealed this morning that a "Topanga World League" will be kicking off on April 10 - 13 of this year. As usual, there will be 8 players competing in a Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 first-to-7 round robin tournament, and much like each of the previous Topanga Leagues, this event will be stacked with talent.

This event has 1,500,000 yen (roughly $15,000 USD) going to the 1st place winner, 500,000 yen (about $5,000 USD) to 2nd place, and 250,00 yen (a little over $2,400 USD) to 3rd.

Click image for larger version

You can check out the full player list, along with characters to be used, after the jump.

It's the year of the clone characters: Skullgirls Encore introduces Fukua, the fully-playable Filia clone

Lab Zero truly does believe in taking an April Fool's joke to the extreme. This year, they have unveiled a "brand new" fighter to the Skullgirls Encore universe: a Filia clone named Fukua.

The trailer released for this new fighter may look eerily familiar, (if you tuned into Final Round 17 last month), and shows off what she is capable of. Although this character has been revealed in jest, the beauty of it all is, she is actually fully playable on PC.

Fukua may reuse some of the animations that Filia has, however, she does have some unique moves and color palettes. Below are some screenshots to get you started.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to view her trailer and move list.

Fulgore reveal trailer for Killer Instinct, character released on April 9th - Iron Galaxy taking over development for season 2

A new trailer showcasing Fulgore in Killer Instinct was just released, and it was revealed he'll be available to players starting on April 9, 2014.

The title update that brings Fulgore into the mix will also add Arcade Mode and online lobbies featuring eight-player rooms and spectating functionality.

Plus, Iron Galaxy Studios, the developers of Dive Kick and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, will be taking over for Double Helix Games as the main team behind Killer Instinct for season 2.

You can find Fulgore's reveal trailer after the break, along with a detailed interview with Iron Galaxy Studios about their team taking over development.

Tiers section launched for BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma - see results, vote and discuss match ups

We're very happy to announce we've launched our second tiers section here on EventHubs, for BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.

This creates a stomping ground for the community to discuss and vote in all of the match ups in the game.

You'll be able to see the early thoughts of the community on how the matches shake out and overall character power too.

We'll still be rolling out a number of improvements to the tiers section in the near future, including a completely revised index page, but we wanted to get this tool in the hands of the community on launch day so they have it available to start collecting information.

Hit the jump to read a bit more.

Ryan Hart: 'Juri is going to be an issue in Ultra', EventHubs exclusive interview covers Ultra, preferred fighting game, tournament mindset and more

In the beginning of March, the thrilling IVGC tournament was taking place in Cannes, France. EventHubs' very own writer MajinTenshinhan was present at the scene, and made sure to grab six different interviews, five of which have been published regularly since.

Today, we publish our sixth and final interview, with the Europe's seasoned expert in multiple different titles, Ryan Hart. Below, you'll find a quick snippet of the interview.

MajinTenshinhan: In the Street Fighter 4 series, you've been known for the last few years for your very strong Sagat play, but it's also no secret that you're quite capable with several other characters as well. Once Ultra Street Fighter 4 hits, do you think that you'll be switching characters a lot in tournaments, or do you think you'll be sticking to mostly Sagat?

Ryan Hart: Originally I thought Id be using many characters again but after trying the game today I think I will try to have one main with perhaps one sub character. When I tested Ultra I found that I couldn't time the jump in on their delayed wakeup reliably, this meant that I kept eating anti airs or wakeups for free.

With EVO coming up its important to focus on match stability for short tournament sets. This may change once I've had more time with the game, but at the moment I'm not really seeing what I'm supposed to be trying to do when they use the delayed wakeup option, nor how that is going to be a reliable path of play since I'm also risking my advantage by guessing their wakeup method and then their wakeup attack or defence on top of that.

Of course this may change over time, it's just how I currently feel. May as well just forget all that, get some space and do a fireball when they get up, if it hits meaty its all good, and if it doesn't then at least you are safe.

Hit the jump to read the rest of the interview, which covers Ryan's favourite fighting game, potentially strong characters in Ultra, plans for EVO and more.

Sanford Kelly: Oni's damage reduction and -5 DPs will drop his potential in USF4, EventHubs exclusive interview on USF4 changes, Wao's Oni, and more

EMP|Sanford Kelly has been quite active in the competitive fighting game scene lately: taking part in ESGN TV's Fight Night Street Fighter series, consistently placing at Next Level Battle Circuit, and attending major events like NEC 14 and Winter Brawl 8.

We here at EventHubs wanted to have a word with the man behind the most lethal Oni in the states, and get his thoughts on a few different subjects. In this exclusive interview, you'll read what Sanford had to say about Oni's changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4, future plans for he and his gaming team, Empire Arcadia, what games Sanford may pick up seriously, and more.

Below is a snippet to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to read everything.

DreamKing: Over the years you’ve been known as a jack of all trades of sorts in Street Fighter 4. However, it seems you’ve settled on Oni as of late. Why is that?

Sanford: I have been using Oni since he came out casually back in the ARC in late 2012. I had a deep interest in him and began engineering some tech to see what his potential in the future would be. I decided to take him seriously when I entered a tourney with him. It was like giving him a test drive after almost a year in the lab. Recently within the last 6 months I've decided to take him to the next level by using him as one of my mains competitively. It’s very fun actually.

Xian: 'In bad matchups, play against the player and not the character', EventHubs exclusive interview on sponsorship, pocket character, EVO and more

The weekend before last, the thrilling IVGC tournament was taking place in Cannes, France. EventHubs' very own writer MajinTenshinhan was present at the scene, and made sure to grab six different interviews, which we will publish daily during the week.

Today, we publish our fifth interview, with the reigning EVO champion of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012, RZR|Xian. Below, you'll find a quick snippet of the interview.

MajinTenshinhan: You recently got picked up for a sponsorship with Razer. Would you mind telling us a little bit about how this came to occur, and how this partnership is working out for you so far?

RZR|Xian: Since Razer started getting involved more with the fighting game scene, I was very happy that they sponsored me. It all felt really good, and I'm proud to be representing Razer.

Hit the jump to read about ESGN Fight Night, Tough Cookie, how to conquer bad matchups and more.

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