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Street Fighter 5 trailer analysis: Special moves, guard breaks and breakaway walls?

It's only about a minute and thirty seconds long, but it might be the most exciting minute and thirty seconds of our lives thus far.

The Street Fighter 5 game play trailer features original favorites Ryu and Chun-Li fighting in a stage that looks much like the 'table stage' from Thrid Strike.

Though it's on the short side, there are a few things we've noticed that may be indicative of some of the features that SF5 will offer. Please keep in mind that this is still 'work in progress' footage so any and all of this could change.

The first notable aspect we saw was the wall break. Chun hits Ryu through the side of the building and he ends up inside. We assume when this happens, the aggressor follows and the fight resumes in a new area but it's a little early to tell.

Click image for larger version

Hit the jump to see our analysis.

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Gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 5, high resolution screen shots, cover art and more

Updated: We've added high resolution screen shots, cover art and more images into this story.

Street Fighter 5 has been officially announced. Capcom has stated that they have partnered with PlayStation to create Street Fighter 5, and it will be forever exclusive on the console.

Street Fighter 5 will also contain cross platform play between PC and PS4.

Fortunately, not only did PlayStation Experience show the announcement trailer, but a full gameplay trailer showing off new and dynamic features of the game as well. Though these new elements have not been explained, you can see clearly see new elements and ideas placed into Capcom's newest fighting game.

Those watching or attending Capcom Cup will have even more to celebrate, as more information and a playable demonstration will be available during the tournament next weekend.

Click images for larger versions

Watch the announcement and gameplay trailers below.

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Street Fighter 5 officially announced, Capcom releases teaser trailer

Capcom has released a quick teaser trailer this morning announcing the next installment in the Street Fighter franchise: Street Fighter 5.

The game will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC, and the video confirms the presence of Ryu and Chun-Li in the new game.

Below we have added a handful of screenshots for you to check out.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to check out the trailers, and animated .gifs of the gameplay sequences.

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Update: Application window is now closed - EventHubs looking for website programmer

Update: Application window is now closed - EventHubs looking for website programmer Second Update:We are no longer accepting applications for this position. We're working to respond to each applicant individually, but know that if we fail to contact you, your interest is appreciated. We'll hold onto all applications for a year in the event that we need to hire another programmer.

Updated: Thank you to all of those that applied. We're setting the deadline for applications to Dec. 5th. We're looking over apps now and we'll be reaching out to folks in the next couple of days.

EventHubs is looking for the right programmer to join our expanding team to help develop fighting game features and generally improve the functionality of the site. If you’re writing blocks of code in-between training stage sessions, we want to hear from you.

This is an entry level, part-time position with a commensurate level of pay. Work will be done on a project by project basis with the potential for this to become a full-time position down the road.

The right candidate will have the following:

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First in-game look at Ultra Street Fighter 4's Wild costumes, patch including new trials, Omega Mode, and more drops next month

Combofiend has just uploaded a new blog entry over on Capcom Unity that details Ultra Street Fighter 4's upcoming v.1.04 patch.

This update is expected to come with quite a bit of content, including compatibility files for USF4's Wild costumes -- alternate outfits that dress each character up as a wild animal.

Today, we get our first in-game look at what some of these costumes look like in action.

Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump for more images and information on the upcoming patch.

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Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano explains why Ryu's motif is not dragon, Cammy's not killer bee in the Wild Costumes pack for Ultra Street Fighter 4

After GameStart Asia 2014 in Singapore wrapped up, we caught up briefly with Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano, one of the key people behind the development of the Street Fighter 4 series, for an exclusive interview. We spoke on a number of subjects.

For this first part of the interview, we asked Ayano-san about the most pertinent questions you had with regards to the Wild Costumes pack that was recently announced for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

KarbyP: When [Yoshinori] Ono told us that you were about to announce the new "Winter" costumes for Ultra Street Fighter 4 at GameStart Asia 2014, I had thought that the new costumes would be based on a Winter motif of some sort. But it turned out to be the Wild Costumes pack.

What was the inspiration behind the animal-themed pack?

Tomoaki Ayano: In Street Fighter X Tekken, there were characters like Chun-Li and Cammy who had received animal-themed alternate costumes, right?

Our decision to create the Wild Costumes this time around were partially influenced by those animal-themed costumes in SFxT.

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Win joysticks or Smash Wii U GameCube controllers with adapters by writing about Ultra Street Fighter 4 or Smash Bros. Wii U

We're very pleased to announce our latest contest, to coincide with the launch of our moves databases for Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

To win, all you need to do is leave helpful advice on either section on how to use specific moves, or how to play the characters. Here's an example I wrote for Rose's Soul Spiral in USF4.

Again, the concept is very simple, just leave advice on how to play USF4 or Smash Bros. Wii U. We'll choose the people who submit the best advice — and the more you submit — the better your odds.

For people who leave advice on Ultra Street Fighter 4, we're giving away a Mad Catz (or possibly EightArc) joystick to two different individuals, either for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, we're giving away a Smash Wii U GameCube controller, plus the USB adapter to three different people. Here are links to each section where you can submit your tips.

Click either logo to access the Moves Database for that game

You can find the official rules after the break.

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Why Level|Up left Super Arcade: Exclusive interview with Mike Watson on the details of the Super Arcade/Level|Up dissolution

It's been just over a week since the sudden disband between Super Arcade and Level|Up. Mike Watson was kind enough to do an interview with us to discuss some of the unanswered questions and issues that have been circulating.

Here are the first two questions. Hit the jump to see the entire interview.

EH: Who initially proposed the split? Why did it happen so suddenly?

MW: Level|Up actually initiated the split by showing up to my shop at 1:30 on Friday night. This was surprising to me, but I guess they felt that strongly about it that they had to move fast. I understood my actions and can't blame them I guess. I think they were a little surprised by the fact that I instantly agreed though...

EH: How do you feel about the statement Level|Up released? Anything specific in that you'd like to address?

MW: I was actually a little disappointed by some of the comments they made. My personal finances should never be brought to light and the fact that it was mentioned irked me a bit. I was also unhappy with how they portrayed themselves as this saint helping me run more events as if they weren't profiting from them at the same time.

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Moves database beta test for Ultra Street Fighter 4 launched

We're very happy to officially launch the EventHubs move database for Ultra Street Fighter 4 today.

This is a beta launch, so you may notice a few things off, and if you do, please use our handy Report problem or error on this page link you'll find towards the bottom of most pages, or you can use the contact form and choose the tech support option.

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect.

EventHubs moves database

• Moves are sorted by their rating, so finding the most effective attacks for a character are easier than ever.

• Tips for how to use moves/characters can be upvoted and downvoted, so that the most useful information appears first.

• Button inputs can be changed to PS3 or Xbox 360, and directions can be mirrored so that they look correctly when performing them from the 2P side.

• Detail pages for moves show properties like invincibility, if the move is airborne, etc.

• We'll have a brand new and innovative way to look at frame data coming in the future, but for the time being, we're just linking to our old frame data pages.

• All data from the beta will be carried over to the production release.

More details are available below.

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Find the best Black Friday gaming deals this holiday season with Polygon's amazingly useful chart!

Thinking of buying Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario Party: Island Tour? If you get it from Kohl's, it'll be $149.99. If you go to Best Buy or Toys R Us you'll be spending $175-$180.

'Wow thanks Raptor! You're so great! How did you know that?!' Glad you asked...

The people over at have really outdone themselves this year by creating a chart that will help you find the best deals during your holiday shopping.

Hit the jump and start saving!

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The Super Arcade/Level Up split: An insider's perspective on how things have changed thus far

'First and foremost, our parting has nothing to do with parties or individuals outside of Level Up and Super Arcade. There were no external influences or arm bending. The decision is mutual and there is no friction between Mike and Level Up.' That's straight from Level Up's post on the matter.

The 'big news' in our community right now is the sudden split between Super Arcade and Level Up. While there are certainly others involved, the faces of these respective enterprises are Mike Watson and Alex Valle.

Both of these men have been leaders in this community since day one. Albeit two very different styles in and out of game, both brought much to the table and have been there since the inception of the American FGC in the 90's.

Level Up and Super arcade seemed to have had a good thing going. A trusted company name with events to run and an iconic, centralized location where the events could run.

So what happened? Why the abrupt stop? So far we have a statement from Level Up and a blog post from Super. You can hit the jump to see both of these plus get a bit of my own perspective on how the arcade's atmosphere has changed thus far.

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Player Points boosting method using Yun's Summer Vacation costume taunt glitch discovered in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Looks like France's Alioune Sensei wasn't the only member of the FGC to have found ridiculous applications for Yun's Summer Vacation costume taunt glitch.

Over in Japan, some players have discovered that the glitch can actually be used to boost a player's PP easily. They've posted the method on Japan's 2ch forums, and now there are reports of Ultra Street Fighter 4 players having used the method to get their PP -- not BP -- up to 7,000 and higher.

EventHubs's Steven "DreamKing23" Chavez has tested this out himself, and we can confirm that the exploit works. He played a single match with his test partner, and here are what their respective BPs and PPs look like, before and after the single match.

Click images for larger versions

Below we're going to reveal how the PP boost exploit works, for knowledge purposes, but please do not boost your PP.

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Capcom Cup 2014 hotel & schedule details announced - find out what time Yoshinori Ono's special announcement will take place

Official hotel and event schedule details for Capcom Cup 2014, slated to take place at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco on December 13, has been announced on the official Capcom Pro Tour website.

This year Capcom has partnered up with Hilton San Francisco Union Square (333 O’Farrell Street) to offer a special hotel deal that will allow Capcom Cup attendees to book rooms at a discounted rate of $199 per night plus taxes. Event-goers can book the rooms at the lower rate through this link.

Along with the announcement, Capcom has also revealed that currently there are only 40 VIP tickets left available up for grabs. If you're still in the middle of settling your travel plans but have not purchased your tickets yet, you may want to act now to secure the best seats in the house, before they're all gone. Tickets are available over here at EventBrite.

Lastly, for those of you wondering what time Yoshinori Ono is slated to share a secret story about his kindergarten days or when the Ultra Street Fighter 4: Omega Edition exhibition match is scheduled to start, you can find out by browsing through the full event schedule below.

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Fantastic new way to find and share information about fighting games - EventHubs moves database coming soon

The launch of the EventHubs moves database is a very short while away, weeks or less, and today we're doing our final preview of the new section.

The moves database represents a brand new way to share and find information about the characters and games we love to play.

Here's what users can expect.

EventHubs moves database features

• Joysticks and games awarded to the best tip submitters via contests.
• Rating systems for moves and tips so that the most useful information is easy to find.
• All games in our tiers area will eventually be supported.
• Detail pages which show properties and alternative names for moves.
• Inputs can be mirrored (for the 2p side) and inputs can be changed to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

In a nut shell, finding and sharing information about your favorite characters will be easier than ever before.

Here's a quick look at the new sections.

Click to see image previews of the sections

In a few of these screen shots, you can see there are sections for combos and frame data, we'll be announcing plans for these areas in the near future, but just like the moves database, you can expect some heavy innovations with these areas.

Yoshinori Ono to video games press: 'come down to San Francisco for my special announcement at Capcom Cup 2014, it will be worth your while'

At GameStart Asia this past weekend, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (Singapore branch) arranged for a small handful of video games media outlets to attend a special group interview session with Capcom's Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano, where we were allowed to ask about pretty much anything, except for maybe questions about competing platforms.

As you might expect, a varied bunch of questions were fielded from the various media representatives.

We're still in the middle of transcribing and sorting out all of that juicy information for you. In the meantime, however, we'd like to share with you one of the more interesting responses to have come out of Ono's mouth at the session. This is from a question we fielded, with regards to Ono's forthcoming announcement at Capcom Cup 2014.

KarbyP: So, Yoshinori Ono is slated to make a special announcement at the Capcom Cup venue in San Francisco on December 13. Can Ono tell us if this will be a major announcement, or a minor one? At the very least it won't be something lame like the release date of Omega Edition, right?

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