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Killer Frost confirmed in Injustice: Gods Among Us - images from PAX show her inclusion in battles during S.T.A.R. Labs missions

During the Injustice: Gods Among Us S.T.A.R. Labs demonstration from NetherRealm, Killer Frost's name shows up as one of the challenges in Lex Luthor's mission 94. Multiple readers have sent in screen caps and you can clearly see in the first image below that one of the challenges reads "Defeat Killer Frost".

This is not the first time we have seen signs of Killer Frost's inclusion on the Injustice roster as just yesterday, her snowflake emblem was also spotted in the S.T.A.R. Labs mission select screen.

Due to the fact that one of the missions entails you fighting against Killer Frost and defeating her, there is very little doubt she will not be playable. Included here is another screen cap showing a quick glimpse of Killer Frost in action as well.

Click images for larger versions

Tips by CapnFlacid, scantums, hellbly and an anonymous reader.

Team Spooky now partnered with Mad Catz

At the FGC community panel at PAX East earlier today, it was announced by Mark "Mark Man" Julio that Team Spooky will be partnering with Mad Catz.

Team Spooky contributed to the stream of the Mad Catz Unveiled battle royale event that took place earlier at PAX.

With the newly acquired partnership, we can expect to see more collaborations between Spooky and Mad Catz in the future.

Click image for larger version

Heavy contributions to this story by Nyoro.

Updated: Capcom announces new update to Street Fighter 4 series - asks community for feedback

Updated: Capcom announces new update to Street Fighter 4 series - asks community for feedback Updated again: Capcom is asking users to submit their character feedback on the recently announced update to the Street Fighter 4 series through Capcom Unity. This week, they want feedback on M. Bison, Balrog, Guile, Ryu, E. Honda, Sakura, Sagat, Ken, Makoto and Dudley. A schedule of which characters will be looked at every week has been added into this story.

The suggestion threads for these fighters will be closed this coming Thursday. Another ten characters will be listed next week. Capcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas explained what's happening in this clip below.

Earlier today at PAX East at the World of Capcom panel, it was announced that a new update to the Street Fighter 4 series is in the works. Capcom said they just started working on it.

You can find a schedule of character threads that will be opened up, along with some additional notes after the jump.

Justin Wong on being an online warrior and how to break bad habits - Step Up Your Game column

Justin Wong on being an online warrior and how to break bad habits - Step Up Your Game column If you're an online warrior, but looking to make some headway in the offline scene, EG|Justin Wong's latest column should be right up your alley.

Justin discusses how he's been playing both SSF4 AE v2012 and SFxT v2013 online and some of the bad habits he's noticed from players there — and what they can do to overcome them. He gives some specific examples of what to be on the lookout for, so you know what things to avoid if you're looking to make the jump into offline tournaments.

Here's a grab from the page.

I have been playing a lot of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 and Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 online recently and its been really fun.

I played many high ranked players and they know their frame traps, setups, option selects and match ups. They would probably do very well in tournament.

Now, the downside of being an online warrior is that you will have bad habits and you will also be guessing a lot on wake up, jumping a lot or mashing an invincible move out all the time.

You don't have to stop there, as there's a whole set of very helpful columns written by Justin, and you can find a full archive covering a ton of topics here.

PAX East Mad Catz battle royale and Red Fight District 2 - tournament previews

PAX East Mad Catz battle royale and Red Fight District 2 - tournament previews Coming up later this week will be a couple of great tournaments, featuring some of the best fighting game players around. Mad Catz will be hosting a battle royale at the PAX East, which will feature MCZ|Daigo, MCZ|Mago, EMP|IFC Yipes, MCZ|Tokido and other notables.

Red Fight District 2, which is taking place in Amsterdam, will also be kicking off this weekend. We've complied information on both events for everyone who is interested in watching the competitions.

We lists players who are attending, some favorites that are expected to win the events, provide a breakdown of the stream schedules and more.

Hit the jump to check out the full details.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 release on PlayStation Network set for end of April, could change if Sony chooses

Capcom vs. SNK 2 release on PlayStation Network set for end of April, could change if Sony chooses Fighting game fans have been asking for a Capcom vs. SNK 2 re-release for quite some time and during September of last year, the PlayStation 2 version hit the Japanese PlayStation Network.

With the port of the PlayStation 2 version being released in Japan, many fans from across the world, were asking Capcom to release it in other regions. While we hadn't heard much about it, Capcom's Christian Svensson jumped on the Ask Capcom forums to reply to a thread about a North American release.

Current schedule for the release of the PS2 game is the end of April... mind you, if Sony chooses, that could move (it is later than I had originally anticipated already).

This is good news to anyone wanting to play the game, however as the date is not set in stone and could potentially change.

Isaac Clarke, Zeus and Graveyard stage available today in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, images of unlockable costumes for both characters

Updated: Seth Killian noted on Twitter that the update is live and those redeeming the Zeus and Isaac DLC, with the GoW:A codes are able to download the characters. However the PlayStation Network store has not yet been updated and you cannot buy them.

Seth Killian wrote up a PlayStation blog with information regarding the newest downloadable content for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Isaac Clarke, Zeus and the Graveyard stage are all available today.

Both of the newly added characters can be purchased for $4.99 USD each and the Graveyard stage will run for $1.99. Players can actually fight on the new stage while playing ranked matches but if you'd like to own it and use it in other game modes, you will need to download it.

Hit the jump to check out the alternate costumes.

Black Adam confirmed as playable in Injustice: Gods Among Us

The official Injustice: Gods Among Us Facebook page has confirmed Black Adam's inclusion on the Injustice roster.

Earlier today they posted a status update with an image of the newly added hero. Additionally, you can check out a few more images below that have surfaced on the Test Your Might forums.

Click images for larger versions

Tips by mcknight8279109, SakuraFan and hellbly.

Tekken X Street Fighter possibly making its appearance on next-gen consoles, reason for lack of details since initial announcement

A few years back when Street Fighter X Tekken was first announced, we heard that Namco would be making their own version of the cross over entitled Tekken X Street Fighter. Since then, very few details and little information has been divulged about the title.

Harada sent out a Tweet earlier this morning stating that they are "considering platform strategy" and because of that, Namco has not revealed much of anything about the game.

Via the Silent Chief. Tip by zUkUu.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tier rankings and character data from AvoidingThePuddle

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tier rankings and character data from AvoidingThePuddle AvoidingThePuddle got their hands on some pretty great Tekken Tag Tournament 2 info for both casual and newcomers alike, thanks to the TekkenBBS site. The write-up contains compelling information including character backdash rankings, 10 frame punishers, solo combos, and much more for anyone who's interested in improving their game.

Below is the tier character list that has been made out:

S: Devil Jin, Heihachi, Kazyua.

S-: Lars, Bob.

A+: Nina, Feng, Bruce, Dragunov, Leo.

A: Armor King, Jinpachi, Hwoarang, Lei Wulong, Steve, Jaycee, Bryan, Christie/Eddy.

A-: Lee, Paul, Miguel, Jin, Marduk, JACK, Asuka.

B+: Ganryu, Anna, Xiaoyu, Law, Lili, Zafina, Baek.

B: King, Ogre, Jun, Kuma/Panda, Yoshimitsu, Wang, Raven, Roger Jr., Alisa

If you want to check out more great info such as the solo combos, 10f punishers, scope out AvoidingThePuddle's site, which was gathered through the TekkenBBS.

EventHubs Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 community polls - final part, rate each character S - D rank

EventHubs Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 community polls - final part, rate each character S - D rank The community tier list here on the EventHubs forums for Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 finishes up with the last Street Fighter and Tekken characters on the roster.

Like our previous polls, voters will be asked to assign letter ranks from S - D to each of the characters. The characters available this time around are Ryu through Zangief and Paul through Yoshimitsu.

Click any of the names below to head over to our forums to vote.

You can check out the EventHubs community polls part 4 featuring the second Tekken characters, here.

Shout outs to FatMus2, Keyblade, ZombieBrian, JetX and SnipeClips for creating this tier poll.

Updated: Skullgirls' first male character Big Band officially funded along with a stage and story mode

Updated: The Crowfunding is now over $400,00, which means Big Band is fully funded and he will be getting a stage and a story mode.

The Skullgirls Crowdfunding has reached over $375,000 raised, which means we will see the game's first male character Big Band, as DLC after Squigly is finished.

Lab Zero left a message on their Crowdfunding thanking everyone.

Once again, Lab Zero would like to thank you and everyone else that have contributed to this campaign! We are unbelievably grateful to have such devoted and supportive fans, and can’t wait to get this new content into your hands.

Once Big Band’s story mode and stage are funded, we’ll begin releasing information to help you make your decision for the forthcoming Mysterious Character vote, so keep those contributions coming in.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support.

Click image for larger version

Sent in by t0fu, zferolie and multiple anonymous readers.

Updated: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale official notes for next week's balance patch

Updated: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale official notes for next week's balance patch Updated: Part two has been added into the story after the jump. This covers the rest of the cast and the item changes.

Sony Santa Monica's Seth Killian, released part one of the official patch notes for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royle today, over on the PlayStation Community forums

This patch is being released next week on March 19th and covers the general combat, item and character changes.

Hit the jump to see all of the character item changes.

Hi guys,

This is Seth Killian from Sony Santa Monica. As some of you know, when Zeus and Isaac launch on 3/19, there's also going to be a significant balance and bug-fixing patch going live for All-Stars. I wanted the hardcore players to have a chance to digest some of the upcoming changes in advance, so I'm sharing these notes with you before they go live in the game next week.


General Combat Changes:
--- Characters can not Block or Evade until frame 5 after landing during an air attack; Previously they were able to do so on the first frame if landing during air attacks
--- Characters have been standardized to not be able to Super until frame 12 after landing during an air attack
--- While blocking a hit while already in Block Hit reaction, character’s X velocity no longer gets set to zero

Updated: Yoshinori Ono currently working on something new, will be announcing it soon

Updated: Yoshinori Ono currently working on something new, will be announcing it soon Updated: Ono has responded to a tweet about the upcoming PAX East event, where he specifically mentions that something is waiting for the fighting game community.

XxGuToxX: Ono San, will you announce something new during Pax this year?

Hehehe~ Now discover what is waiting for FGC! ;P

Keeping up with his responses to questions and comments on Twitter, Yoshinori Ono has stated that he has been working on something new and will be revealing it very soon.

KOAlliance: You have been very quiet for a while???? Are you busy working?

Ono: I had a lot of task for something new ;P I'll announce it in soon :D

Over the past few months we have seen various hints from Ono and Capcom at what could be a big reveal at this year's PAX East.

We have already received word that Capcom will be unveiling two new products at PAX on March 22 - 24. Ono himself has also previously hinted at revealing something at the event.

Additionally, in January Ono had asked Twitter users to let him know which game he should work on next. A few days later he Tweeted a thank you message to those who responded and posted an image showing off Street Fighter figures that may have hinted at a new game in the Alpha series.

Lastly, Error1 created an excellent PC mod for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 that added Rolento to the roster. Ono responded to this mod with praise and mentioned that he aims show it to Capcom's research and development team.

The possible PAX reveals could very well not be fighting game related, as Ono is also working on Capcom titles Remember Me and Deep Down. Still, there is a chance we may see something new for the fighting game community.

If Capcom decides to unveil a fighting game related product, what do you think it might be? Let us know below.

Tip by Fawaz.

Raven revealed for Injustice: Gods Among Us, battles Catwoman in new clip

Updated: GameTrailers pulled the Raven Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer, but we've put up a mirror clip from YouTube.

Raven has been revealed for Injustice: Gods Among Us, as she battles Catwoman in her reveal clip which you can check out below. She has a rather... tough sounding voice and appears to fall into the category of a gadget character, judging from how she uses the environment around her.

Video from GameTrailers, submitted by Garcian_Ulmeyda, GuyInGreen and Hellbly.

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